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ZanGen Pharmaceuticals (stylized ZANGEN wherever it's seen) is a fictional pharmaceutical company that BernadettePenny and Ruchi work for. The company is never mentioned by name, but does show up on Bernadette's lab coat, signs at company events and on props in their apartment. Bernadette started working there after they offered her a "buttload" of money, while Penny started after Bernadette got her an interview. She got the job because both she and her interviewer Dan were afraid of Bernadette. Penny doesn't enjoy her job at ZanGen very much, but is very dedicated to it as it earns her much more money than waitressing did. Leonard is supportive of her and can often be seen helping her study, using mnemonics to help her memorize the weird side effects of ZanGen's drugs. Later, Bernadette pushes Penny to head up the sales team for one of her drugs. Penny is given job offers from a rival at a pharmaceutical convention, but refuses it due to her friendship with Bernadette.

After the birth of Neil Michael Wolowitz, Howard and Bernadette's son and second child, the couple consider the prospect of one of them staying home to take care of him and Halley. Bernadette returns to ZanGen to have lunch with Penny, and her assistant gets her coffee and cookies. Bernadette realizes that she likes the peace and quiet of work, and decides to continue with her job.


The company that pays Bernadette a "buttload of money".


ZanGen display of new drug Placinex at a convention.


Bernadette's office.