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The dreaded Wil Wheaton is a website created by Sheldon Cooper, due to his hatred for him. The website was mentioned in "The Wheaton Recurrence".


In 1995, Sheldon went to a Science Fiction convention in Louisiana on a bus for 10 hours and violated his personal rule of not urinating on buses twice to see Wil Wheaton, who didn't show up at the convention, which was revealed in season 5 that it was because Wheaton thought it be cooler to play on "Hollywood Squares".

At a bowling match, Leonard, Raj, Sheldon, Howard and Penny are all in a team against a team with Stuart Bloom and Wil Wheaton in it. Sheldon tells Wil about his websites.

Later in the series Wil and Sheldon become friends.

The Website[]

The website consists of:

  • The rules to Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.
  • His dream to destroy Wil Wheaton with a Green Lantern ring
  • Why Wil Wheaton could never be Batman
  • His wish to have made a fraternity called "Wil Wheaton Stinks"
  • Facebook
  • Why Wil Wheaton shouldn't have his name spelled correctly
  • An advertisement about "The Wesley Crushers"
  • TeamPenny advertisement
  • Merchandise


  • Sheldon created 3 websites dedicated to hating Wil Wheaton ->, .org and .net.
  • It's unknown if Sheldon ever took down the websites after he and Wil mended fences in "The Russian Rocket Reaction".