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"White Trash, Holy Rollers and Punching People" is the twenty-first episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on May 12, 2022.


As the church congregation gossips about Georgie, Missy stands up for her brother, and Sheldon is distracted by the family drama.[1]

Extended plot[]

Mary meets with Pastor Rob over coffee in a park. She tells him that everyone is treating her as expected after word gets out about Georgie impregnating a woman. He asks her how she would react if the situation were reversed, giving her time to think. At Sunday school, Sheldon and Missy walk in, with the entire Sunday school knowing about the affair and gossiping about it. One of them goads Missy and riles her up. Billy stands up to defend and back her up. Sheldon exits to get Pastor Rob. As he walks in to the room, Missy punches him.

Pastor Jeff, George, Mary, and Rob are in a meeting regarding the fight. Jeff says everyone is talking about Georgie. He also goes on to say the tight knit community means hard decisions need to be done. After some back and forth, Mary and Rob both want to create a teaching moment as Jeff preaches a sermon about forgiveness and judgement, but instead he wants her to take a leave of absence. At home, Mary and George argue about whether or not Missy should be punished. Mary tries to get her to go to her room. George tells her to continue about watching explicit material on MTV; as Mary leaves, George sees what Missy's watching, and he tells her to turn off the TV. Georgie wants to know what is going on; he is not happy that they fought for him. During the car ride to the university, Sheldon is in a foul mood towards Mary because he could not focus on his homework without his parents arguing. She then sarcastically apologizes that Georgie's situation is affecting his studies. Unaware of her response being sarcastic, he accepts her apology assuming she was genuine. He throws up in the car shortly thereafter.

Mandy goes to visit Meemaw and tells her that she told her parents about the baby. As expected, they were disapproving and said she is on her own. Meemaw comforts her and gives some relatable stories. Meemaw promises to be with her anytime as they talk over food and drinks. Rob visits Mary at her home to talk about everything and to pray over the situation. Missy catches them and is sent to her room for missing school, even though she left because she couldn't punch anyone else. Georgie is at work when Meemaw is leaving, resulting in him to pester her on her whereabouts, and if wherever she's going has to do with Mandy or not. Meemaw refuses to tell him; so he follows her and finds her at the doctor with Mandy. He is very attached to her; When the time comes, she refuses to let him accompany her in, so Meemaw takes her in. Sheldon does not know many people who would listen, so he goes to President Hagemeyer. He tells her about his family problems, but she does not seem to care about his situation. Coach Wilkins and Tom are at a bar with George. The two chat, and smack talk George. He tells them off and leave. When he gets home Mary tells him Pastor Rob dropped by, which leads to a fight with George accusing her of cheating on him with Pastor Rob, and Mary getting upset again. George storms out. After he leaves, President Hagemeyer calls Mary about the events at home. Mary ends up breaking down telling her story, but she is still apathetic with her talking down to Mary, showing her true colors that Linda only cares about her financial success for the university, rather than Sheldon's mental health or his family situation. After Mary gets off the phone, she begins to cry. Missy comes out to give her a hug. At dinner. Sheldon wonders where George is located; Missy covers for him and says he is working late. Georgie says he went to the doctor with Mandy and he is wearing her down. The episode ends with the family praying before they eat dinner.