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Wayne Wilkins is the P.E. teacher and the assistant football coach at Medford High. He appears in the series spin-off "Young Sheldon".

Character Overview[]

Young Sheldon[]

Wayne works as a P.E. teacher and assistant football coach at Medford High School. He is also shown to be very close with George Cooper Sr. with whom he closely works as they share an office.

Season 1[]

Coach Wilkins had the class do crunches, with Tam Nguyen and Sheldon together. Later on, he is given a fake note with Mary Cooper’s fake signature, saying Sheldon has testicular hernia and will be getting out of it for 6 to 8 weeks. He is later told of the fake note, and tells George about it. At the same time, he casually mentions he had gotten the same hernia while he was serving in the Army during his time in Georgia. (Spock, Kirk, and Testicular Hernia)

He is also somewhat hypocritical as he tends to give others health advice despite not being in very good shape himself. One example occurs where Sheldon points out how hypocritical is of him to ask his students to run twenty laps when he is not willing to lead by example. He tells Principal Tom Petersen that it was rude. After Sheldon was invited to Wilmot Academy, he and Ms Ingram and Ms McElroy drink alcohol in the faculty lounge at 11 am, but is told by the Principal Petersen that Sheldon has come back. (An Eagle Feather, a String Bean, and an Eskimo)

Season 2[]

He tells George to not eat a donut because it is not healthy for him. (A Proposal and a Popsicle Stick Cross)

Season 3[]

On the day of the swim test, he was in cllss when he heard it and called him a baby. Soon, he got sick from when Sheldon got sick, and spread it to the swimming pool. (Teenager Soup and a Little Ball of Fib)

Season 6[]

Wayne finds out his wife Darlene is cheating on him and is pregnant. He goes to a hotel and stays there, not showing up for work. Tom Peterson and George comes to get him, and he agrees to sleep at the Cooper House. At school, he is at the office when he picks up a call, where Darlene screams at him. He later agrees to coach one game on Friday, but does not much during the game in Tyler, Texas. The team wins, and is kept as coach since George wants him as member of team.(An Ugly Car, an Affair and Some Kickass Football)

Season 7[]

He assists George in the football practice, he offers George some "ants on a log" and explains that it's not actually ants but raisins, George denies it. (Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker)

He informs the Cooper Family that George has died. (A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture)


  • Father: Unnamed
  • Ex-Wife: Darlene



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