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Veronica Duncan is a recurring character in the spin-off show Young Sheldon. She first appeared in the sixth episode Seven Deadly Sins and a Small Carl Sagan as a bad girl and one of the students Sheldon tutors, later in that episode she goes to Mary and begs to be saved by Jesus and decides to reform her ways. She was love interest of Georgie in Young Sheldon until he moved onto Jana. She does not make an appearance in The Big Bang Theory. She is portrayed by Isabel May.

Character info

She is first portrayed to be a reckless and bad teenage girl who often drinks and smokes, and is implied to make a lot of bad decisions. All that is known about her family is that her father left her mother when she was very young and she never heard from him again, her older sister was arrested for selling a piñata full of drugs to an undercover cop, and that her mother has a boyfriend who is abusive to Veronica and not very nice. In the episode Seven Deadly Sins and a Small Carl Sagan she is a student that Sheldon tutors for math and it is mentioned that he helped her get a C- implying that she usually doesn't get good marks for school, but as she is shown to be rather intelligent later on it’s likely she simply wasn’t bothered to put any effort in. She is in the grade above Georgie and Sheldon. Veronica and Georgie hang out on Halloween night and share a make out session. Veronica tells Georgie her home is empty and invites him to come and consummate their relationship. But as they begin walking, the two enter Mary’s Heck House very quickly for a brief look. The lust scene makes her so emotional that she runs over to Mary's heaven section where she asks to be saved by Jesus and devotes her life to Christianity. In A Race of Superhumans and a Letter to Alf, after she gets her hair cut and starts dressing more conservatively, she is then shown as a regular at Mary's Church group. Georgie joins the group just so he can woo Veronica. Later it is revealed that she has a boyfriend, who breaks up with her.

She does not get along with her mother's boyfriend Clint due to him being an abusive, jerkish drunk who treats Veronica, her sister and their mother poorly because of his constant drinking. She fled to the Cooper house in A Proposal and a Popsicle Stick Cross to escape from Clint and his abusive ways and bonded with the Coopers, while Georgie was particularly thrilled to have her stay over. After a few days, Clint showed up at the Coopers' door and demanded that Veronica return home with him, but she refused. George soon appeared at the door and asked Veronica what she wanted to do; when Clint attempted to force the issue (even hinting that he might take Veronica back by force if necessary) and tried to start a fight with George, the Cooper patriarch knocked him out with one punch, then had Mary call the police to deal with Clint while he went to ice down his knuckles.

Her mother and Clint later break up at some point.

In An Entrepreneurialist and a Swat on the Bottom, Veronica finds herself becoming impressed with Georgie's latest get-rich-quick scheme selling candy between classes, but she feels intimidated when he buys her a $100 necklace as a gift. Georgie returns the first necklace and instead gives her a candy heart necklace, which causes her to smile. In Pongo Pygmaeus and a Culture that Encourages Spitting, she notices another girl flirting with Georgie and starts feeling jealous. Convinced that she doesn't see him as boyfriend material, Georgie tries to ask her if she'd be uncomfortable with him going out with other girls. She claims that she just wants to focus on her relationship with God and lets him seek whoever she wants, but privately she still can't escape from the way she feels about him.

Veronica later gets a job as a waitress at a restaurant to pay for college, and has to serve Georgie on a date with his new girlfriend Jana Boggs. The date becomes awkward when Jana and Veronica are introduced to each other by Georgie. Jana is also quite jealous of Veronica, as she knows Georgie used to have feelings for her.

Veronica did not appear again but it is possible that she was Georgie’s first wife who he wed when he was 19. If she was his first wife, she’d have been 20 or 21 when they married.



  • Veronica drives a 1981 Toyota Corolla station wagon.[1]
  • Veronica’s sister is in prison when Veronica and Georgie first meet.
  • Veronica may very well have been Georgie’s first wife, who he later divorced. However, it is also likely that it was Jana as they were dating at the time.



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