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Raj and Howard set up an ad on Craigslist for Sheldon for a new girlfriend. The ad includes puzzles based upon Sheldon's interests to find an intelligent compatible women by a 10 PM deadline. At a minute to go, the guys count down the last sixty seconds. Sheldon is worried that it might be Jennifer Lawrence since he didn't like "The Hunger Games". Their watch ticks down and no one shows up. Raj consoles with that when it is supposed to happen, it will happen. A moment later there is a knock at the door and it is a girl named Vanessa Bennet. She is late because she was at a boring symposium on atomic spectroscopy and the puzzles saved her life. She knows Klingon, Sanskrit and facts about flags. They speak to each other in both languages and are smiling at each other. She just had to meet him. Sheldon calls her a special lady, but since she didn't complete the challenge on time Sheldon shuts the door in her face much to the shock and disbelief of Raj and Howard. Sheldon explains that she was late, and she found atomic spectroscopy boring.