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"Uncle Sheldon and a Hormonal Firecracker" is the twentieth episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on April 28, 2022.


Sheldon and Missy learn about Georgie's pregnancy, and the whole family promises to keep it a secret.[1]

Extended plot[]

The episode opens with George and Mary arguing over the fact that she wants him to drive Missy to school. They had to agree that they do not need to see them fighting. Missy and Sheldon talk about stuff. Missy is not happy and anxious to know what is going on; they snark at each other. At breakfast, there is more tension. George tells Missy that he is taking her to school. She hopes it is not too much trouble. At church, Mary walks to Pastor Jeff's door. She wants to knock but could not bring himself to do so. Pastor Robb notices and encourages her to just do it. She knocks and Pastor Jeff lets him in. She talks to him about Georgie, without specifically naming him. Pastor Jeff says ns and no names. He says that they should get married before the birth of the child and God would look the other way; He ultimately blames the parents for the lack of values of the unmarried, pregnant couple. Meemaw is watching TV when Missy and Sheldon come by to talk. They want to know what is going on with Mary, and they are convinced Mary is pregnant. She tells them that it is none of their damn business. Mary comes home to tell George about her talk with Pastor Jeff. Mary is concerned about people finding out and judging them. George tells her not to worry when Meemaw calls, telling her that Sheldon and Missy were there. The twins come home and confront their parents. Mary refuses to tell them but Missy figures out Georgie is the one who will become a father, leading to a family meeting. Mary tells them the truth and pushes that she wants them to get married; the parents tell them to keep it a secret but Sheldon expresses doubt in his ability to do so. Missy shares excitement to be an aunt, while Sheldon feels weirdness about being an uncle. George says he and Mary will be grandparents and Meemaw will be a great-grandmother; Missy says this will make her feel old, to which George says to do so. Georgie tries to call Mandy, with no avail. Meemaw tries to comfort him, but nothing works. Sheldon is distracted at school and runs to the restroom to avoid spilling the secret. However, after class he tells Dr. Linkletter. He does not care at all, and says he has to be somewhere. At church, Pastor Rob and Mary are standing outside and smoke cigarettes. She spills the fact that Georgie is the expectant father. He offers to go talk to her, and good at young age, and people his own age. At work, Wayne tells George that someone is after his job, but George doesn't care. They go to the bar and have a drink. George tells the information to Wayne. At dinner, Sheldon confesses he told Dr Linkletter. Missy confesses she told Heather M. at school, and basically everyone reveals the secret. He storms off to his room and calls Mandy only to get into a fight. Missy goes to comfort him while he admits his insecurities, so Missy comforts him. Mary and George talk about the reactions of people they had told. She admits she told Pastor Rob, which makes George jealous and mad, especially since he said the same thing George said earlier. The episode ends with Mary calling and talking to each member of her Bible study group as no one showed up. Then she calls Pastor Rob to talk.





  • Grady Lee Richmond as Wade




  • Missy is the only one who is not seen telling the secret, although she mentions she told Heather M.
  • George becomes more aware of his wife's relationship with Pastor Rob, causing him to be jealous. However, he has his own relationship with Brenda Sparks that Mary is not aware about.