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Sheldon and his Uncle Harvey.

Uncle Harvey is the fictitious name of a disguise that Sheldon gave their tank of liquid helium that was purchased illegally from a contact (Kenneth Fitzgerald) that Howard knew. Sheldon dressed him up in a hat, scarf and coat and even tipped the hat when they passed the cleaning lady in the hallway. The tank appeared in "The Helium Insufficiency" (S9 E6).Sheldon was scared that the university would discover that Sheldon does not have a real Uncle Harvey.


  • “Property of U” written on the cylinder. Sheldon thinks it says “Property of US Government.”
  • Beige Hat.
  • Tartan Scarf.
  • Brown/Black coat.
  • Silver gas cylinder with pressure gauge.
  • Supposedly contains liquid helium.
  • White band with “HELIUM” written on it.
  • Small wheels fitted to the bottom.


  • Jim Parsons did the play "Harvey" on Broadway in New York City in summer 2012, which is about an invisible white rabbit. His Uncle Harvey also didn't exist.