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The people who met Sheldon after he was robbed and was wearing no pants in Kingman AZ.

Anil Margsahayam as Man

Tonja Kahlens as Woman

Robert Noble as Older Gentleman

Sheldon is at a train station wearing no pants, no shoes and one sock looking quite disheveled after being robbed. He tries to tell random people that he is a physicist and that he is not crazy though everybody he meets acts like he is. [He is not since his mother had him tested.] One woman is knitting and he asks if she is making a pair of pants. He asks to use a man's cell phone and starts to describe his pajama rules. Another man runs away as he describes the difference between subatomic particles. He is left alone yelling that this legs are cold.

The Locomotion Interruption 01

A pantless Sheldon terrorizing the train station.