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Tom first appeared on "The Barbarian Sublimation".

The Barbarian Sublimation[]

Tom was a match for Penny on an online dating site.


Sheldon signed Penny up discreetly to an online dating site when she was constantly pestering him about Age of Conan, the online multiplayer game Sheldon introduced her to when she was waiting for the Locksmith when she stuck her Volkswagen car key in the door-lock. Leslie Winkle suggested she needs to have sex in the university or "get her some". When his encounter with Blaine failed, he signed her up to He found her out her age by complimenting her saying "You're playing very well for a woman of 23?". "22." she corrects him and he types it into her profile. He asks her about her dream holiday and says it's for market research for the game. He asks her about her sexual encounters and says if she answers she gets 75 additional quests. Leonard walks in to the apartment and sees Tom on the sofa. Sheldon introduces them and Leonard reminds Sheldon about Blaine. Sheldon explains about the dating site before Penny comes over without make-up, messy hair and clutching her laptop. Sheldon keeps trying to introduce the two while Penny tries to get help with the game and Penny gets bored and leaves. After she leaves, Tom says he was unimpressed and says "I'm sorry Dude, she looks nothing like her picture" to which Leonard agrees.


  • Tom is a fireman.
  • We do not find out Tom's surname.
  • He is portrayed by Mark Hames.
  • Sheldon does for Penny what Raj and Howard do for him after which he meets Amy Farrah Fowler.