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This is a list of events that happened throughout the Young Sheldon series.


  1. The start takes place.
  2. It is the fall of 1989.
  3. Sheldon starts high school at age 9.
  4. George Cooper Sr. suffers a mild heart attack and gets driven to hospital.
  5. Sheldon chokes on sausage and refuses to eat solid food for 5 weeks. Later, he gets interested in comic books and bites red licorice while reading a comic book.
  6. Sheldon gets a new computer.


  1. Sheldon meets Paige for the first time.
  2. Sheldon and Paige ditch the lecture and both get caught by their parents. At home, Sheldon's family turns into monsters and growl angrily at Sheldon for what he did.
  3. Sheldon and Meemaw get addicted to a video game.
  4. George Sr. gets a job in Tulsa, Oklahoma during Thanksgiving.
  5. Sheldon gets escorted to the hospital to get his gall bladder removed.
  6. Dr. Sturgis and Meemaw meet Grant Linkletter for the first time.
  7. Sheldon builds a nuclear reactor and gets caught by the FBI.
  8. Sheldon goes to Dr. Sturgis' place for s sleepover and has a nightmare, which results in Dr. Sturgis tripping over a TV stand and knocking himself out. Sheldon accidentally lites the stove on fire and he and Dr. Sturgis evacuate.
  9. Dr. Sturgis' dream to win the Nobel prize is crushed.


  1. Season 3 takes place.
  2. It is the beginning of 1991.
  3. Dr. Linkletter lies to Sheldon. Sheldon accuses his Meemaw of being selfish, so she spanks him offscreen. He then gets away from his family and rides a bus to meet Dr. Sturgis' in hospital. But was then brought back by the police. And instead of just apologizing, he and his family watch Star Trek instead.
  4. Meemaw takes Missy to playing baseball with the boys. Meemaw meets and goes on a date with Dale the first time.
  5. Sheldon gets involved in and wins an internet war with an enemy on his computer at home. Meanwhile, Missy thrashes a boy during baseball and makes him eat dirt. Everyone was happy, except Mary Cooper.
  6. Sheldon skips class to avoid swimming class at school by faking sick.
  7. Pastor Jeff marries Robin.
  8. Paige steals a makeup from the mall, which causes Sheldon to get mad at her for that. Sheldon then offers Paige a hot beverage to make her feel better.
  9. Sheldon and his dad fly to Pasadena/Caltech/California.
  10. Mary makes a custom girl baseball trophy and Missy appreciates it and then blows it up. Meanwhile, Sheldon accuses Dr. Sturgis of plagiarism. Dr. Sturgis bans Sheldon from class.
  11. Sheldon apologizes to Dr. Sturgis for accusing him of plagiarism.
  12. Sheldon gets his baby tooth removed/replaced. Mary loses the battle with the dentist.
  13. Georgie gets fired by Dale for accidentally leaving the cash register open and letting the money get stolen. Meemaw and Georgie egg Dale's shop as retaliation for firing Georgie.
  14. Season 4 takes place.
  15. Sheldon graduates high school at age 11 years old as a valedictorian.
  16. Sheldon becomes a docent.
  17. Sheldon attends Bible Camp and gets punched in the eye and face by Paige.
  18. Sheldon plays Dungeons and Dragons.
  19. It is the fall of 1991.
  20. Sheldon Cooper started his freshman year in East Texas Tech at age 11 years old.
  21. Dr. Sturgis gets a job at the supercollider at Waxahachie Texas.
  22. Herschel Sparks moves out.
  23. Paige dumps Sheldon.
  24. Dr. Sturgis gets fired from Waxahachie Texas for causing a public concern about a black hole. He then starts working at a grocery store.


  1. Season 5 takes place.
  2. It is the beginning of 1992.
  3. Sheldon welcomes Missy to the world of Atheism.
  4. Georgie Cooper drops out of high school to work full time. His father George Cooper Sr. kicks him out of the house and Meemaw lets him stay at her house for the night.
  5. Georgie, Missy and Sheldon adapt new living arrangements. Meemaw opens up a gambling room.
  6. Dr. Sturgis gets fired from a grocery store after a reproduction talk between him and Sheldon.
  7. Meemaw and Georgie Cooper go into a business together to do money laundering. Georgie gets promoted to being Meemaw's assistant manager.
  8. Sheldon gets a dorm room all to himself. Georgie sets up a disco ball in the gambling and this ticks off Meemaw.
  9. Sheldon and Missy spend the night at the church during a youth lock-in. Georgie has a date with a 29-year-old girl.
  10. April 6th: Georgie tells his boss that Mandy is pregnant and later learn that she is carrying his child.
  11. April 9th: Missy tries babysitting, and ironically, since she would have kids in the future, vows never to do it again.


  1. Season 6 takes place.
  2. It is the beginning of 1993.
  3. Constance Cooper is born.


  1. Season 7 takes place.
  2. It is the beginning of 1994.
  3. Georgie and Mandy get married.
  4. Sheldon witnesses George "cheat" on Mary. (revealed to be Mary<ref>Revealed in "Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker")
  5. George Cooper Sr. dies of a fatal heart attack at work.



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