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"The Yips and an Oddly Hypnotic Bohemian" is the ninth episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on December 9, 2021.


Sheldon gets the science yips and has to learn how to not think. Also, George Sr. plays handyman at Brenda Sparks' house.

Extended Plot[]

The episode opens with Dale and Meemaw watching Missy play softball. He is coaching and she is cheering her on. However, she is having trouble, which Dale tells her is the yips. She doesn't know what to do, so he tells her to stop thinking and just throw. This doesn't seem to help as her throwing gets worse. George is working in the yard when he hears Brenda stressing out as her car has issues. He ends up helping her fix her car, so she offers him a beer and cobbler as a thank you. He asks her where she was planning on going and she tells him a Weight Watchers meeting. He decides to take her up on her offer, where they talk about their kids and life.  He notices things in her house falling apart and offers to help out. She jokingly suggests if he wants to buy the house. Things become awkward and he leaves. When he comes home, he tells Mary, who is happy about it. Mary tells him to hitch up his pants as well. Sheldon is studying for finals when he hears Missy practicing throwing the ball. He goes outside to see what is going on but is told about the yips. He hopes it is not contagious and the two end up getting into a fight.

the next day when is taking a test, Linkletter tells the class can start; Sheldon is allowed to take it twice. He ends up having his own version of the yips by blanking. Dr. Linkletter tells him time is up, but he ends up freaking out Dr. Linkletter fools him to take the test away. Later on, George has Billy help him out with fixing his and Brenda's house. Brenda hopes to see him again and was somewhat suggestive again; This causes awkwardness that forces George to go home. Turned on, George is a bit flirty and wants sex with Mary. She is weirded out and leaves the room. Sheldon walks into Missy's room and tells her she gave him the yips, forcing to blank out at a test. She suggests puberty, making him frustrated. Sheldon talks to George, who tells him this happens in sports and needs to turn his brain off and do something. He offers him some advice on how to do it using the Nike slogan.  Sheldon decides to try it, but also asks Georgie (Montana Jordan) on how to stop thinking. Georgie ends up zoning out and Sheldon wants to know how he did it. However, Georgie has no idea how to explain it.

Dr. Linkletter gives Sheldon another chance to take the test, but he still has the yips. Sheldon said he didn't do it, but Dr. Linkletter says he did indeed waste his morning. George goes over to help Brenda fix her toilet. She offers to feed him dinner, frozen lasagna. She was gonna put it in the oven instead of the microwave, as she considers him company. George questions what is going on. The two end up arguing, but he ends up staying to help her and eat lasagna. Sheldon decides to draw a bitl; using his imagination. He then realizes that hi scan rest his mind by turning on the TV, eventually landing on a program by Bob Ross. He is fascinated by it. Missy thinks he is watching Richard Simmons, but he corrects him. He now considers his yips over. George goes to the bar with a friend, where they end up discussing life and women. George is envious of his bachelor life and considers setting his friend up with Brenda. The episode ends with Dale coaching Missy at a game. He insults her and fires her up. She throws a good ball, knocking out the player.





  • The 8th time Young Sheldon Cooper absent in cold open.
  • This episode aired after Kaley Cuoco's 36th birthday.
  • Dale Ballard gave Missy a pep talk on pitching like pretend somebody you hate and throws a hard pitch. Like visualize and attack, mostly she pictures Ballard insulting her. She should have pictures her mother insulting her or Sheldon insulting her to visualize and attack. This is similar to the Waterboy 1998 starring Adam Sandler.

Vanity Card[]