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"The Tenant Disassociation"[1] is the nineteenth episode of the eleventh season of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The episode aired on Thursday, April 5, 2018.


When Leonard learns Sheldon is the president of the Tenants' Association, he decides to run against him. Also, Bernadette encourages Howard and Raj to find the owner of a drone after they find it in the backyard.[2]

Extended Plot[]

During dinner in Leonard and Penny's apartment, Leonard is teasing Raj about being scratched by his tiny dog Cinnamon. Penny returns from work with a sandwich she grabbed from the lunch truck downstairs. Sheldon objects that it was Friday and they should be eating Chinese food. Amy says that the Chinese invented the sandwich. Howard leaves to go get a sandwich. Sheldon and Amy start to argue about the invention of the sandwich and that he talks in his sleep. Sheldon insists that they will talk about it when he asleep. Leonard signals everyone and they leave not wanting to hear about Shamy’s sleeping habits. Then Sheldon folds his Moo Sho into a sandwich telling Amy that she might be right. Amy looks around and sees that no one heard Sheldon's last admission that Amy was right.


History of the sandwich.

Back in their apartment, the smell of the lunch truck was driving Sheldon crazy. He doesn't think that he can work with his desire to have a sandwich. And he can't have one because it goes against his need for a rigid schedule. Amy then leaves clutching some money denying that she had any alternative motives.

Raj and Howard are enjoying the hot tub, though Howard is uncomfortable with his friend's inappropriate comments. Raj notices a crashed drone in the bushes next to the porch. Howard thinks he can fix it, but is reluctant to look for its owner.

Penny comes in complaining that the lunch truck had moved because someone complained to the Tenants' Association. It's not allowed to part on their street anymore. Leonard first wonders who might do it and then they go to Sheldon's front door. Sheldon concurs that he made the complaint. Penny then emails the Tenants' Association as Sheldon's phone rings. Sheldon is the president and the entire association. And he tells Penny to spellcheck her emails.

Howard finishes his repairs to the drone as Raj complements his job. Re-syncing the drone to his controls, they get it to hover. Raj wants to play William Tell with a bowl up on his head. Bernie appears and doesn't want them to break her bowl. Then she worries about who the owner might be and tells them to check the video card. Howard tells her that that is a great idea very unenthusiastically.


Not that I drove her away.

Sheldon verifies that he is the association, it's president and it's harshest critic. The Hofstadter's realize that all the fines they have been getting from the Tenants' Association were Sheldon's doing. Amy returns and acknowledges that even she didn't know about Sheldon's building shenanigans. Penny calls an emergency meeting to vote Sheldon out. Amy reads the minutes of the last meeting. Leonard calls for a vote of no confidence. Penny agrees passing the motion two to one. Sheldon wants to hear from Amy, his fiancée. Penny then calls Amy her best friend. Amy doesn't wants to get involved until Sheldon invites her to the next meeting in his shower. Amy votes for Sheldon. It's a tie. No confidence motion defeated.

Back in their apartment, Penny and Leonard can't believe that Amy voted against them. Amy comes in to explain herself. Leonard wonders why she sided with her fiancée when he was being that crazy. Amy thinks that he is like that all the time. She doesn't want to go against Sheldon over a pastrami sandwich. All they need to do is get one other tenant to vote with them. Penny admits that that is a good plan which Amy denies ever coming up with. She announces that she was never here and proceeds to take some of their food because Sheldon thinks she went shopping. After leaving Leonard admits how weird she is, but then next to Sheldon who could tell.

Howard is checking out the video card om the drone which briefly shows a cute girl holding it. Raj insists that they have to find her because she is cute and appears to have money. Bernadette looks over the image and notes that she is wearing a pin from Stuart’s comic book store.

Leonard and Penny start to visit the other residents. One is not interested because they didn't come to his house warming party and that he had bought a lot of party food. The next tenant isn't going to vote against Sheldon because Sheldon has a restraining order against him. He locked Sheldon out while he was up on the roof more than once. Mrs. Petrescu, who attended Sheldon's brunch, doesn't understand that she should vote for Leonard.

At the Comic Books store, Howard wants Stuart to identify the woman on the video. Her name is Cynthia and Stuart hasn't seen her in a while. He had tried a creepy new smile on her as a way to flirt which drove her away, disturbing Howard. Stuart looks up her address on his mailing list.


You found my drone.

Amy returns home and finds Sheldon wanting to make Leonard and Penny's lives a living hell using his power as president of the Tenants' Association. He is setting a minimum height requirement for use of the laundry room. He doesn't think that leaders should step aside just because of the consent of the governed. Amy calls that democracy.

Raj walks up to Cynthia's door. She recognizes her drone and finds Raj sweet and charming. She gives him her phone number for a reward and wants him to call her later.

While Shamy is eating dinner, the Hofstadters walk in with a copy of their lease. Amy is the sole signee on apartment 4B and Sheldon is no longer on their lease for apartment 4A. Amy denies knowing anything about it. Since he can't be president, Leonard nominates himself and Penny seconds it. Amy abstains, but notes that it is bureaucratically impossible for Sheldon to run. Sheldon agrees though states that under California law, he is still a resident after thirty days. Amy then votes for Leonard because she doesn't think that Sheldon can handle the power, i.e. laundry room height requirements. Sheldon decides to pass on the office, but also plans to be the vocal opposition of new president. Leonard wonders if he has made a mistake.

Howard and Raj have a discussion, where Howard's uncomfortable thinking of himself with Raj in the hot tub. Cynthia reviews the video on her drone and sees Raj demanding her to have his babies. She is shocked and then closes up her laptop once he says he won't wear underwear on their 1st date.


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  • Title Reference: The title refers to Leonard and Sheldon's fight of the presidency of the building tenant's association.
  • Taping date: March 6, 2018
  • This episode was watched by 13.00 million people with a rating of 2.4 (adults 18–49).
  • Total viewers including DVR users 17.67 million.
  • This episode aired in Canada on April 5, 2018.
  • Chuck Lorre's vanity card. [1]


  • Caroline Preece at Den of Geek! - It's been a while since Leonard and Penny got to come together as a team on something like this, and it's honestly nice to see. The show clearly doesn't know what to do with them now that their storyline has come to a natural stopping point (please, please no babies), and having them just exist like this is a fun alternative to the bigger plot developments elsewhere. [2]
  • IMDb user reviews [3]


  • Raj gets the phone number of a crashed drone's owner.
  • Sheldon elects himself President of the Tenants' Association even without a quorum of residents present; a violation of parliamentary rules.
  • Amy uses a Spider-Man reference (although "with great power comes great responsibility" is originally from the French Revolution, by an unknown author) that doesn't get her fiancée Sheldon to react to positively. Leonard used an Ant-Man reference that he identifies properly, so Sheldon does act on it. Amy gets annoyed.
  • First time the Tenant's Association is mentioned and one of a few times the other tenants are seen.


Raj: You're like Grey's Anatomy for robots. Also, why isn't that a show?

Bernadette: Aren't you worried there's some kid out there missing his drone?
Raj: Oh, please. This is not a children's toy. This thing's got an HD camera on it.
Bernadette: Aren't you worried that there's some rich peeping tom out there missing his drone?

Amy: I'm sorry, Sheldon, but with minimal power comes minimal responsibility. And you couldn't handle it.

Sheldon: Instead of being in charge, I can be the vocal opposition, criticizing and badgering the president at every turn.
Amy: I think you'll be really good at that.
Sheldon: Me, too.
Leonard: I think I made a huge mistake.
Penny: Me, too.