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"The Sin of Greed and a Chimichanga from Chi-Chi's" is the eighth episode of the third season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. It aired on November 21, 2019.


The University makes George a lucrative job offer in the hopes of recruiting Sheldon. Also, Georgie gets a job working for Meemaw's new boyfriend, and Mary is determined to rid her home of greed.

Extended Plot[]

Dr. Sturgis is distributing test scores to Sheldon's class. Sheldon has scored the highest and in turn has reduced everyone else's scores. While everyone else is scorned, Sheldon is loving this morning because of the results and finding Dr. Sturgis to resemble an elf.

Dale gives Meemaw a tour of his sports gear store. Meemaw spots some weights and remembers how Georgie would love some. Dale asks her to get him to visit the store and promises to give a ‘”friends & family” discount, which apparently depends on how much fun he and Meemaw have!

Sheldon is watching “Star Trek” when he receives a call from Dr. Sturgis who wishes to speak to George. It turns out he wants to have drinks with him as they had so much fun the last time. Even though George isn't too up for it, he agrees. At the bar John praises Sheldon's results and reveals how the university wants him to enroll full time. Also, as a financial support and to have a guardian around, they're willing to employ George with a significant raise. Given Sheldon's young age George worries if Mary would even entertain the idea, but the raise makes him open it up for discussion. Upon getting home George is bombarded with questions from Sheldon. He is eager to know what all was said about him. George lets him know that they spoke about general stuff and soon goes to Mary to discuss the university issue and the raise. Mary realizes that greed has infested his mind and immediately says no to the idea.   Georgie visits Dale's store to buy weights. There he observes the man in action trying to sell fishing tackles to Jim, a customer. Not only does Dale manage to influence Jim to buy a more expensive rod just by mentioning how he used it firsthand, but also gets him to stop by another store from where he earns commission. Georgie is blown away.   Missy has found a newspaper ad about Guber, which is peanut butter and jelly in the same jar. Georgie gets home and Meemaw asks about the discount. Georgie reveals that he got himself a job too and is now a salesman. Mary congratulates him. He raves about Dale's salesmanship and how he makes people spend money on things they don't need. Mary finds it unfair, but all Georgie cares about is the money that he'll earn.   At the school George gets a call regarding the job offer and this makes Wilkins curious. He next gets summoned by Principal Petersen who does not want to lose Sheldon. Though the kid is a royal pain in the behind, his terrific state test scores help the school get more funding. They are ready to offer George a competitive raise to keep Sheldon from leaving. George promises to discuss it with his family.

Mary is serving dinner. Georgie returns from an excellent first day at work having earned $38 in commissions alone. After learning that there's meatloaf for dinner, he decides to eat out but Mary won't allow. Georgie argues that he's got money now and he wants to eat Chimichanga from Chi-Chi's. So does Missy and so does Meemaw, but Mary won't allow them either. George gets home in an ecstatic mood and wants to eat out, too. Everyone suggests Chi-Chi's. Mary is pissed.   At a staff meeting Principal Petersen reveals about Sheldon's probable departure to Ms. Macelroy, Ms. Ingrams and Mr. Givens. They're bubbling with joy, but their happiness is short-lived as they're instructed to take every measure to keep the kid happy. Givens wonders if there's no other way out. Petersen says that teaching other kids well so as to not handicap the school without Sheldon is an option. Givens sighs and agrees to plan A.   Mary visits Pastor Jeff and reveals how George and Georgie are getting greedy for money. Given that the world practically preaches about material gains, how can she protect her family from the sin of greed? Pastor Jeff cites an example of how he, himself, almost fell for a toaster oven in spite of owning a fully functional toaster and an oven at home. He explains that it's better to change our homes than trying to change the whole world in vain.   The goodies start coming in for Sheldon and George. While George gets a parking spot in front of the school door, Sheldon is adorably escorted to class by Ms. Ingrams. George gets a reclining leather chair and a golden whistle as a gift from the principal while Ms. Macelroy tries matching Sheldon's perfectionist levels in punching holes in paper slips which makes him happy. Sheldon also gets keys to a personalized faculty bathroom, which Principal Petersen promises to have it cleaned every night.

At home Mary starts deep cleansing the house from the sins of greed. Missy is eating Guber, which Georgie bought for her, and is watching Scrooge McDuck swim in a river of gold coins. Mary unplugs and shifts the television and confiscates the Guber jar. She clears out all cassettes, music system, magazines and even the radio. The guys arrive and are shocked. Mary blames their greed and refuses to return anything. George and the boys go to Meemaw's to watch TV and she comes knocking at Mary's door.   Mary realizes that she's fighting against the world and probably she's the one with the problem. She is not ready to let Sheldon leave for college. Meemaw makes her realize that at some point she's got to let him go and it's a common feeling for mothers. Mary eventually returns all of the stuff with a few minor adjustments like trading Missy's show for “The Moosewood Gang,” which is a cartoon show about mystery solving whilst learning about God or changing Georgie's Black Sabbath playlist to Jesus Christ Superstar. She and George discuss the university issue at length and decide to let Sheldon embark on that journey one year later.   Pastor Jeff is at the mall looking longingly at the toaster oven. He tries to make his mind understand and walk away only to return faster and collect it swiftly while apologizing to God for being a weak soul.





  • Gerald Downey as Jim