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The Quartet

The Science Quartet is the subgroup of the Social Group made up of the four male science guys, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj. They are the male halves of the relationships (excluding Raj) of Penny, Bernadette and Amy, the members of Penny's Posse. Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj work on science projects together usually and play games or read comic books, although Stuart sometimes hangs out with them in their game playing.


The group was formed in 2003 after Leonard first met Sheldon when he brought his then-friends Howard and Raj to his apartment. In their time together, they often play video games, go to movie conventions or the comic book store and go to science conferences together.


  • All four members of the group appeared in every episode of the series.
  • They have been seen topless at different points.
  • In terms of the quartet, there are different habits and traits that one or more members each of the group possesses which the others don't:
    • Leonard is the only member who wears glasses, isn't a Momma's boy, has a bad mother, whose siblings never appeared on the show, is eager to try new things, is the most well-adjusted guy, is the friendliest guy and whose father-in-law never had a problem with him.
    • Sheldon is the only member who is a twin, is a bully, has won a Nobel Prize, knows much about a sport, was never seen wearing boxer briefs or boxer shorts (just briefs), is content with being a geek and a nerd, is not friendly and outgoing, likes Beverly Hofstadter, was never attracted to Penny and whose parents never divorced.
    • Howard is the only member who lives in a house, has no sisters, whose father never appeared on the show, is from California, doesn't have a Ph.D. and isn't a sort of physicist.
      • Howard is also the only one who's currently a father, though Leonard is revealed to be expecting a child in the series finale and Sheldon stated that he will eventually have kids, meaning he still has yet to embrace fatherhood.
    • Raj is the only member who isn't American, is currently single, isn't married, hasn't got light skin, doesn't have brown hair, and never spoke to Beverly Hofstadter (at least not directly), never met Christy Vanderbel and never spoke to Bernadette's father.