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The boys went to a Renaissance Fair based in the 1500s in Season 2, the episode The Codpiece Topology.

The Codpiece Topology 05

The boys going to the fair.

The Fair[]

Sheldon kept complaining that it was full of historical inaccuracies.

Historical Inaccuracies: The tavern girl serving flagons of mead had a costume was obviously Germanic, but in 1487 the Bavarian purity laws severely limited the availability of mead.

  • They would have had some sort of spiced wine.
  • The flagons would not have been made of polypropylene.
  • Bosoms would not have said "howdy" in the fifteenth century. They would have said “huzzah!”
  • That was not fifteenth century soap.
  • You can't just put “ye olde” in front of anything and expect to get away with it.
  • Corn dogs didn't come into existence until the first half of the twentieth century.
  • There are far too many historical anomalies.


  • Howard enjoys it because he gets to hit on girls and he gets to wear his Jester Costume his mother made.
  • Sheldon called it a Medieval "Age of Enlightenment/The Any Excuse to Wear a Codpiece" Fair.
  • What happens on Comic-Con stays on Comic-Con.
  • Sheldon returned as a Star Trek science officer (though dressed as Spock) exploring a planet similar to Earth in the 1500s.