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"The Grand Chancellor and a Den of Sin" is the eighth episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on December 2, 2021.


Sheldon battles President Hagemeyer's mysterious boss over the university's science requirements. Also, Mary discovers that Georgie is working at Meemaw's illegal gambling room.

Extended Plot[]

The episode opens with Sheldon looking back at court cases and trying to spy on Dr. Linkletter to find out what is happening at the university. He had tried calling into the phone into the conference room, hiding behind curtains, and hiding behind plants. One time, he stays outside the conference room, and when Dr. Linkletter leaves, he is filled in with information that the university will be making changes in the science department. This was shocking to Sheldon. Sheldon is upset that non-science majors only need one science elective instead of two, but Dr. Linkletter assures him things will be fine. At home, Georgie goes into the kitchen, where Mary is clipping coupons. She asks him why he isn't at work and he reveals that he is working night shifts, something he made work. He says the idea came to him as it seemed an untapped market. Mary suggests an ad in the church bulletin and potential slogan. Sheldon talks to President Linda Hagemeyer. He does not want a dumbing down from the university. She agrees as she wanted to make the college to be the Harvard of the East Texas, but not MIT of East Texas, a university which Sheldon despises. Despite his protest, she tells him about the science change, but she says there is nothing she can do, despite being the school president. She had to answer to person known as the Grand Chancellor, which Sheldon believes. She assigns him to put a report, which Sheldon will figure out. She gets the alcohol as the “kid makes me thirsty”. At church, Mary and Peg are working at the church together at a table. Pet is looking at documents and asks why is the laundromat and the casino is being advertised. Mary says it is a laundromat, but Peg tells her that it has a backroom with a casino and she had lost $40 the night before, spilling the beans about Meemaw's secret gambling room. This leads to Mary storming over to MeeMaw's house in order to confront at her and get answers. Meemaw was hesitant at first but tells her everything. Mary gets involved even more since Georgie is involved as well and is concerned if the police shows President Hagemeyer and Sheldon learn their initial plan to get sciences back into the school failed, but are not willing to give up. The report was rejected and Sheldon is not happy about this at all. She suggests Sheldon talk to all the students about it, but he thinks it could take months to complete. George is watching Jeopardy on television when Missy walks in, curious at why. He tells her he likes to learn, but Missy realizes that the battery in the remote control is out of energy and offers to get it; George also asks her to get a beer. As Missy is getting the requested items, Mary comes home, angry over what she learned from MeeMaw. Missy thinks it is cool, but Mary sends her to her room. George thinks it is all okay and says Georgie is going to do what he wants....and even has girls over. Missy makes a comment, but is told to shut the door, all the way. Sheldon has been talking to students to talk to students, but is rejected by everyone. He finally gets a female student willing to sign it, but only if he signs her save the jazz band. However, he tells her to pretend they never met. He finally writes an editorial for the school paper and turns it in to the editor. Mary tries to get Georgie to quit his job, but he refuses, even when she threatens him with what Jesus thinks. They end up fighting and she storms out. Sheldon goes to find his article, but does not find it in the paper at all. He marches back to the editor; he is told that the piece is not published because the position of Grand Chancellor does not exist and realizes that President Hagemeyer lied to him. Sheldon marches back to her office and confronts her. She was on the phone but hangs up on the person. She had said it because he would be pain in the ass about sciences. Sheldon throws a small tantrum where he says he didn't touch the paper but throws he paper, does not claim to move the stapler but moved it, and did not touch a pencil but did so. This act leaves her confused. Pastor Jeff comes in to talk to Mary about why one of the ads is missing. She says it is because of Peg's secret recipe. They talk that leads them to having a heart to heart. Later on, Sheldon talks to George about what happened, leading to them having their own heart to heart about lying. Sheldon then finds lies in everything from Star Trek to cereal to wrestling. He goes to talk to Mary, who is praying outside. The two of them have their own talk about lying and she helps him see that not everyone lies and that he should remain honest. They bond and he reveals that she never lied to she cries. The episode ends with George entering the scene, talking to Georgie, and winning $2 on a machine. President Hagemeyer receives a call from Stephen Hawking about maintaining the science requirements.






  • Mary found out there is a gambling room in the laundromat where Georgie works. But the gambling casino is legal, because Georgie found an away around it without breaking laws because the casinos are like arcade games where you can win tickets and win and they pay you when you sell the prize back.
  • Mary Cooper told Sheldon Cooper she would never lie to him ever. But that is wrong, she lied to him a few times. She even lied that she kept the Caltech acceptance letter and sometimes she even lied to get out of things so she won't spend time with Sheldon.
  • Stephen Hawking's voice was heard on the phone (though Professor Hawking died in 2018, a Speech Plus CallText 5010 synthesizer-like his was likely used to imitate his voice).