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The Flash is a comic book superhero from DC Comics. Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, the original Flash first appeared in January 1940. Four different characters each of whom somehow gained the power of "super-speed"—have assumed the identity of the Flash: Flash (Jay Garrick)|Jay Garrick, (1940–present), Flash (Barry Allen)|Barry Allen (1956–1985, 2008–present), Wally West (1986–2006, 2007–present), and Bart Allen (2006–2007, 2009–present).

The second incarnation of the Flash, Barry Allen, is generally considered the first hero of the Silver Age of comic books and the superhero has remained one of DC's most popular ever since. Each version of the Flash has been a key member of at least one of DC's premier teams: The Justice League of America.

The Flash has been the subject of comics books, cartoons, two television series (2014 CW Series and 1990 CBS Series), and is in the 2016 movie "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and 2016 movie "Justice League".

References to The Flash in The Big Bang Theory


The Flash appear to be Sheldon's favorite superhero. He has three times appeared as the Flash.

  • In "The Middle Earth Paradigm", all four guys show up at the apartment as The Flash to attend Penny's Halloween party.  
  • In "The Work Song Nanocluster", after Sheldon gets hyper from drinking coffee for the first time, he comes back into the living room dressed as the Flash and then runs out for more coffee.  
  • In "The Justice League Recombination", Sheldon dresses as the Flash and acts like him throughout the episode. At the end of the episode he imagines himself as the Flash and runs to the Grand Canyon to scream in frustration.
  • In response to the many times Sheldon has dressed up as The Flash in The Big Bang Theory, Cisco Ramon was shown wearing a T-shirt with 'Bazinga' written on it in the Pilot Episode of the Flash TV series. The word 'Bazinga' is commonly recognized as Sheldon Cooper's catchphrase.
  • In "The Commitment Determination", Sheldon asks Amy whether he should watch the Flash TV series while they are necking making Amy very angry.

The Flash in Sheldon's dream.

  • In "The Dependence Transcendence", the Flash appears to a sleeping Sheldon and tells him that all superheroes use energy drinks and take performance enhancing chemicals. The Hulk uses steroids. Batman stalks the night looking for fights because he drinks scotch. He gives Sheldon his first energy drink free because he invested his money in Marvel Comics, the rival comic book company. He is played by Brandon W. Jones.


  • The Flash appeared in the 2018 animation film Teen Titans Go! To the Movie and was voiced by Wil Wheaton.
  • Sheldon has many Flash T-shirts.
  • Sheldon worried about the time commitment that he would have if he watched The Flash CW TV Show. Sheldon is a stickler for continuity, implying he already watched the connected show 'Arrow'.