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"The Comic-Con Conundrum" is the seventeenth episode of the tenth season of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The episode aired Thursday, February 23, 2017.


With Koothrappali cut off from his father's fortune, he appoints Sheldon to help him get out of debt, and even takes a part-time job working for Stuart. Also, Penny considers joining Leonard at Comic-Con. Bernadette finally gets Howard to do some work around the house.

Extended Plot[]

Raj is reviewing his finances with the gang in apartment 4A. His expenses are very high, so it is suggested that he find someone to help him get them under control. Sheldon volunteers to be in charge and his first order is that Raj can't afford Comic-Con this year.

Talking with Amy, Penny mentions that she is going to Comic-Con with Leonard to make him happy though she is not interested in it.


Raj working for Stuart.

At the comic book store, Leonard is worried that if Penny is miserable at Comic-Con, he'll feel miserable as well. He doesn't want to tell her to not come because she seemed so excited. Howard isn't going because he has a baby at home. Raj wants to go and needs to earn some extra money.

Howard finds Bernadette cooking lasagna and hugs her. She knows he wants something or did something wrong and jokes she's cheating on her with Raj (which she's done in the past many times). Howard offers to do more if she'll let him buy the Comic-Con tickets. Bernadette says that she'll think about it as long as he does more work before the tickets go on sale. She then leaves him to finish the lasagna.

Leonard describes to Penny how awful Comic-Con will be and she still decides to go with him.

Raj sells some of his collectibles to Stuart, and then is offered a job to help Stuart around the store.

Penny is driving with Amy, as Penny says that she can put up with anything for three days. Amy says that Comic-Con is five days. Though Penny adds that Leonard makes the effort to do things with her that he doesn't want to do. Driving past the comic book store, Raj is dressed as Aquaman and holding up an advertising sign.

Raj hears Howard and Bernadette arguing about Howard doing chores to earn his Comic-Con tickets. Raj wants to know if they have work for him to do. Can Howard outsource his work to Raj? Bernadette says no.


Maybe something in my pants will change your mind.

Eating lunch, Penny asks if the guys are comfortable with her going since she doesn't want to harm their experience. Leonard asks her if she doesn't want to go to which Penny asks if he doesn't want her to go. Neither of them tell the other the truth.

When Leonard joins Sheldon in apartment 4B to talk about the matter, Sheldon suggests Leonard should just be honest with Penny. Meanwhile, Howard gets back to cleaning the kitchen as Raj makes a drink. Howard says there's got to be other ways for Raj to make a quick buck. When she arrives home with shopping, Raj helps Bernadette with the bags and then goes to check on Halley.

Amy explains the Hofstadters' problem which baffles Sheldon. He is amused by the idea they're trying to make each other happy, but are instead making each other miserable. Amy tells Sheldon to stay out of their relationship. Going down the stairs as Penny and Leonard argue about who is driving, Amy blurts out the truth. Finally, the two are both happy that Penny doesn't have to go.

At Wolowitzes', Howard and Bernadette offer Raj the money for Comic-Con for all the work he did taking care of Halley. He is flattered, but can't take money for watching his god-child. Leonard and Howard decide to sit it out. No one is going.

In their apartment, when Sheldon goes over to Amy and tries to flatter her. Amy is not going with Sheldon either.


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  • Title Reference: Should Penny go with Leonard to Comic Con?
  • Taping date: February 7, 2017
  • This episode was watched by 13.38 million people with a rating of 2.8 (adults 18–49).
  • Total viewers including DVR users 18.32 million.
  • This episode aired in Canada on February 23, 2017.
  • Chuck Lorre's vanity card #553
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  • Caroline Preece at Den of Geek! - What's that? An episode of The Big Bang Theory that doesn't leave me frustrated and underwhelmed? Yes it's true, I liked this episode. For the first time in a very long time, The Comic-Con Conundrum carries on a storyline from the previous week. Even more shockingly, it concerns Raj...I like this a lot, mainly because it hits that sweet spot between hinting at genuine trouble between Leonard and Penny and just being a storyline that fits a sitcom married couple that this season has been seemingly going for all along. It's not nasty or unpleasant at any point, and gets the whole group involved at various points. It's not a massive gag machine, but works well as an A-plot nonetheless. The episode benefits hugely from bringing everyone in on the same plot, something I don't know why the show doesn't do more often. Comic-Con is, also, an ever-reliable catalyst. Raj can't afford to go, Bernadette wants to trade help around the house for a weekend without her husband, and Penny needs Amy's advice on how to subtly manipulate Leonard into disinviting her. [2]
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  • Following the previous episode, Raj cut himself off from his father's finances. Because of that, he can't afford go to Comic-Con anymore. Unless, he splits the Comic-Con money with the guys.
  • Amy is reluctant to go, because like the rest of the girls, they're not into superheroes and Sci-Fi stuff like the guys are into.
  • Penny is looking forward to go to Comic-Con this time, suggesting that she is once again learning to take interest in Leonard's interests. It's revealed that she's doing it to make him happy and to put some effort into their marriage like he does for her.
  • Raj wears his Aquaman costume again. The last time he wore it was in "The Justice League Recombination."
  • Sheldon treats Leonard a lot more poorly than usual in this episode.
  • Howard is now doing work around the house, thanks to Bernadette manipulating him.
  • Raj starts working for Stuart at the Comic Book Store.
  • Raj sponsors a penguin at the Los Angeles Zoo.
  • There are strong implications of Sheldon being a sociopath.
  • Sheldon states that he still has 4 months until Comic-Con, and since Comic-Con always takes place in July, that means this episode takes place sometime in March 2017.


Amy (to Sheldon): I'm not going to Comic-Con with you!
Sheldon: Well, maybe what's in my pants will change your mind.

Leonard: Maybe you should find someone to help you get your finances under control.
Raj: Like a business manager?
Sheldon: Oh, absolutely not! You can't afford to hire somebody who'll forbid you from spending your money on foolish expenses. It's a foolish expense and I forbid it.
Howard: Oh, what if there's somebody who just likes controlling other people and stealing joy from their lives?
Sheldon: He sounds like a sociopath.
Leonard: We don't know; his mother never had him tested.
Sheldon: You're talking about me. Very funny. Although... I would enjoy drawing up a budget and forcing Raj to adhere to it without an ounce of compassion.

Leonard: So, this is the main Comic-Con floor. It's where all the vendors and exhibits are.
Penny: Wow! There's a lot of people jammed in there.
Leonard: I know. Sometimes Howard wears a striped shirt so we cam play 'Where's Wolowitz?'

Amy: Penny says they're ready to go.
Sheldon: Very well. Prepare for a long night of deceit.
Amy: Sheldon, women can wear makeup. It's not lying!
Sheldon: I was talking about Leonard. And if makeup is so truthful, why is it called concealer?

[last lines]

Sheldon: There's my pretty girlfriend. [pats her shoulder]
Amy: I'm not going with you to Comic-Con.
Sheldon: You, what! Can't a man just be happy to see his woman and pat her on her second most erogenous ball and socket joint?
Amy: He can, but it's still not changing my mind.
Sheldon: [seductively] Well, maybe what's in my pants will change your mind. [Amy turns to face him, hopefully]
Sheldon: It's a list of this year's panelists. It's long, isn't it?

[first lines]

Sheldon: [using a mechanical calculator] Uh-huh. Interesting. OK.
Raj: How bad is it?
Sheldon: Let me put it this way: do you own a barrel and suspenders?
Raj: Are you serious?
Sheldon: I'm not wearing this visor to play women's golf.
Penny: [Penny enters] Hi. Oh, let me guess. You guys are drafting your fantasy accounting firms.
Leonard: We're helping Raj figure out his finances.
Penny: Oh, he has a job; how bad can it be?
Sheldon: Well, his rent and car lease are exceedingly high. You couple that with his penchant for dining out and shopping...
Penny: Wai-wait, not shopping for clothes right? Because look... [gestures at Raj]

Amy: You're actually going to Comic-Con?
Penny: Well, Leonard wants me to do more stuff like that with him, so I thought maybe this year I'll tag along.
Amy: Well, that's sweet. I bet you'll have fun.
Penny: You wanna come?
Amy: No thanks. I already live in a place all the nerds come to.
Penny: Please? I went to your boring thing last month.
Amy: [indignant] My aunt's funeral?
Penny: Come on, even you checked your e-mail during the eulogy.

Penny: You know what, it's no big deal. I can put up with anything for three days.
Amy: Comic-Con is five days.
Penny: Are you kidding me?

Penny: You know, maybe it won't be that bad. Leonard says it's really mainstream now. Comic books aren't just for sad nerds anymore. [They pass Raj in an Aquaman costume waiving a sign for ComiCenter]
Penny: I mean, it's still a key part of their demographic.

Leonard: Now we're going as Hulk and She-Hulk! I don't wanna take my shirt off at Comic-Con!
Sheldon: If I may speak for Comic-Con, we don't want that either.

Howard: Dinner's almost ready. If you like meat loaf, I'm sure you'll like its cousin, bowl of meat.

Leonard: I thought your father paid all your credit cards.
Raj: I have a card for emergencies that I pay for myself.
Sheldon: What kind of emergency happened at the LA Zoo?
Raj: I sponsor a penguin. They're losing their home to global warming, my car gives seven miles to the gallon and I felt bad.

Howard: You actually think Penny will have fun at Comic Con?
Leonard: No, which will make me miserable, which is usually Sheldon's job.
Sheldon: She's gonna hate waiting in line for the panels.
Howard: She's gonna hate the crowds at the panels.
Sheldon: She's gonna hate the panels.
Leonard: She's gonna hate how often we say the word "panels".

Leonard: Hang on, so I have to bring Penny, you can't afford it, Howard's gonna get in trouble, and he' s going to have a great time?
Sheldon: I'm going to go as Dumbledore.