Here's where you can nominate and vote on articles to be featured on the front page.

  • To nominate, simply write your nomination under the Nominees section and sign your posts. A nomination is equal to a vote, and it's one nomination per person.
  • To vote, simply sign with # ~~~~ under the nominees to symbolize your support. You can vote for as many as two nominees at a time. You can always change it at anytime, until the selection date.
  • Once a nominee is selected, we'll clear the nominees section to start a clear slate. You can nominate the same article again one month later. We call it a transition period.
  • You can give your Comments in the section below, but any claims of supporting a nominee does not count until you sign under the Nominees section. Take care!
  • Zeypher has the final say in things: he's in charge of the featured profiles.

Here are some things to consider when nominating:

  • Has this profile been featured already within the year? (You can check here to check)
  • Is the profile detailed enough?
  • Does it have red links or links to disambigs? If so, can they be fixed?
  • Does the article have enough images? Does it look nice?

If your article has any problems with the above criteria, please either refrain from nominating it or fix it up so it is up to scratch. Remember that the Featured Article is representing the best this wiki has to offer, not just a popularity contest.

If your nomination has no votes after being up for four days, you may remove it and still use it next month. However, this offer is only good for the next four days, afterwards your nomination stays (day limits are subject to change until I can find good lengths).

If no nomination is made before the end of the month, the author will decide the featured profile. It started a bit late in the year, so let start it out strong!


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