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Sheldon in his spot...

The running gags in The Big Bang Theory include many stunts and dialogues that repeatedly come up in the episodes.



  • Getting mocked for his lactose intolerance and being short.


  • His inability to understand sarcasm or irony.
  • Sheldon's spot on the couch.
  • Sheldon's Knock, knocking 3 times, saying the name of the person addressed, and repeating it twice after.
  • His blaming others for things going wrong that he has done.
  • His incessant rants.
  • Someone asks Sheldon "Why?" and others get upset since Sheldon has been given an opening to deliver a long explanation.
  • Someone sings "Soft Kitty" to comfort Sheldon when he is sick, or vice versa.
  • Sheldon getting restraining orders, especially from his favorite celebrities and famous scientists.
  • Embarrassing Amy and Penny.
  • His constant asking questions about the food he's being served. Most of the time, Leonard gets it wrong with one detail.
  • People saying that he is insane and Sheldon telling people he is not crazy because his mother "had him tested" (as a child).
  • Sheldon changing the wi-fi password to something that references Penny's freeloading on it.
  • He is an unintentional jerk to everyone.
  • Says “BAZINGA” when finishing a joke.


  • She gets promiscuous and morally loose when she drinks. In addition, she turns to alcohol immediately when about to deal with a ridiculous situation (i.e. when dealing with Sheldon).
  • Her anger.
  • The "check engine" light in her car until she gets a new car.
  • Her lack of education and awareness of not graduating community college.
  • Her sloppiness.
  • Using her "charm" to get by not paying for things and for getting free meals
  • Her maiden name unrevealed
  • She is occasionally mocked for her many boyfriends
  • Asks Sheldon why he thinks something, which is met my a “No No No Don’t” by the rest of the gang


  • He gets mocked for not having a Ph.D., especially by Sheldon.
  • His sleaziness (until he got married).
  • Doing/eating un-kosher things, despite being Jewish
  • His peanut allergy


  • His selective mutism, until the end of the episode "The Bon Voyage Reaction":
  • Being forced to whisper things into someone's ear (usually Howard's) when he's near a woman (usually Penny).
  • He gets drunk to overcome his selective mutism but ends up saying very inappropriate things.
  • Going against Hindu traditions, including eating beef
  • Having a bit of a feminine side
  • His close relationship with his dog, Cinnamon


  • His depression and loneliness
  • He often has a lack of revenue in his store
  • People are unable to identify his age
  • Everyone is constantly forgetting him


  • Monkey references and comparisons.
  • Girl crush on Penny.
  • Romantic frustration with Sheldon.


  • Her short temper and aggressive nature.
  • Her competitive side.
  • Her high-pitched voice (which Howard has mocked)
  • Her sounding exactly like Howard's mother when she yells or gets angry.
  • She is constantly made fun of for her height.

Mrs. Wolowitz

  • She always yells from off-screen.
  • Her face is never visible.


  • Her interest in horror and gore-themed content
  • Has rather questionable tattoos

Leonard and Sheldon

  • Sheldon taunting Leonard with "The Roommate Agreement".
  • Sheldon putting himself into Leonard's romances, much to his dismay
  • Sheldon and Leonard preferring each other's mothers for a mother and getting along better with each other's mothers than their own respective ones.

Howard and Raj

  • They seem as though they are a homosexual couple, but aren't.
  • Being so close, that Howard is able to feel whenever Raj is in trouble, and vice versa

Leonard, Penny and Sheldon

  • Leonard and Penny acting like Sheldon's parents.
  • Sheldon blaming Leonard for first speaking to Penny when she moved in the building in the Pilot episode.

The stairs

  • Awkward silence while walking up the stairs.
  • Running down the stairs.
  • Common elevator complaints


  • His perverse nature
  • His speech impediment
  • Sheldon's rivalry with him, which Kripke surprisingly wins most of the time


  • Shot of a front door while a character abruptly exits with someone screaming "Get out!"
  • People getting the door slammed in their face.
  • Colonoscopies are frequently mentioned.


  • "Bazinga!" - Sheldon
    • "Once again, you’ve fallen for one of my classic pranks. Bazinga!" - Sheldon
  • "Here we go..." - Multiple users (usually followed by one of Sheldon's "psychotic rants")
  • "Holy crap on a cracker!" - Penny
  • "Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!" - Leonard
  • "HOWARD" - Mrs. Wolowitz
  • "Rats..." - Sheldon
  • "I'm not crazy/insane. My mother had me tested." - Sheldon
  • "In what universe..." - Multiple users
  • "...jibber jabber..." - Multiple users
  • "...offer them a hot beverage." - Sheldon
  • "Oh not this again." - Sheldon
  • "Oh balls!" - Penny
  • "Oh (my) God!" - Penny
  • "...on purpose." - Multiple users
  • "Sweetie..." - Penny
  • "That's the spirit" - Leonard
  • "There, there." - Multiple users
  • "This may be the wine (magic potion) talking..." - Multiple users
  • "What the frak?" - Howard
  • "You're in/That's my spot." - Sheldon
  • "You're welcome." - Multiple users (said before he thinks someone should say "Thank you".)
  • "Your check engine light is on" - Sheldon/Amy/Beverly
  • "...rat bastard..." - Penny/Amy
  •  "...hippie-dippy..." - Sheldon 
  • "...batcrap crazy..." - Multiple users