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Thai food is what the guys eat on Monday nights.


Thai Food

Sheldon likes to have "mee krob and chicken satay with extra peanut sauce" from Siam Palace (2x06: "The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem").

Howard has to take care that the food doesn't contain peanuts due to his peanut allergy. Leonard states that every Thai restaurant in towns knows this and welcomes him with "ah, no peanuts boy" (1x16: "The Peanut Reaction").

Sheldon points out, that they eat Thai food with forks not with chop sticks (1x02: "The Big Bran Hypothesis") and other trivia.

In the end of the episode "The Monopolar Expedition" the guys eat rehydrated Thai food when living at the magnetic North Pole.

In "The Locomotive Manipulation" (S07E15) Leonard and Penny want to sneak out of the vet's office where they took Cinnamon to get some Thai food.

In "The Veracity Elasticity", Sheldon wants to get some Thai food near Amy's apartment and to check on the plumbing repairs. Amy doesn't want to because she lied to him.


  • Penny smells Chinese food and it turns out to be Thai.

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