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"Teen Angst and a Smart-Boy Walk of Shame" is the fifteenth episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on March 9, 2023.


Sheldon confronts the failure of his database. Also, Georgie and Mandy struggle as new parents and Missy feels forgotten.[1]


At home, Missy is listening to music and George knocks on her door as he's concerned. Sheldon says it is teen angst. Missy comes out and says she was forgotten about by the family and no one told her about the child. George says he's happy that both the baby and Missy are safe, while George tells Sheldon to go into his room and stop interrupting their conversation along with mentioning continuously over the fact that his database failed. Still infuriated, Missy closes the door.

Georgie drives Mandy and the baby home. She wants him to drive slower and Georgie wanted a baby check. He had been watching the Maury Povich show and said one episode was a real clunker.

In the kitchen, Missy woke up early and made some food in case she will be forgotten to be picked up again. She sarcastically mentions that Brenda didn't show up to pick her and Billy up either and that it was sad so she can laugh about it. She then wonders why her mother is living at Meemaw's house, only to be silenced when she brought up the fact that Billy told her about Brenda and her dad's potential affair. She made George's lunch with a spiteful note saying, "Try not forgetting your daughter today. XO. -Missy."

Sheldon walks across the campus, and thinks the entire campus laughs at him due to the failure. Doctor John Sturgis approaches, cheers him up with a Fred Astaire song called "Pick yourself up", and has him over at his office, where he tells Sheldon to try different things in life to understand failure.

At home, Mandy is holding her child, wanting Constance to stop crying. Georgie is apathetic somewhat but fails to do so. Mary holds the child, and Constance quiets down, saying it was Nana magic. Soon enough, Mandy is in her room with Constance and Missy comes in to talk. She apologizes that she wasn't there when the baby was born, as her parents forgot her at school which meant that she waited for an hour and walked home instead. She complains that George got mad at her like she did something wrong, while Mary is not present at home. She gets upset about not being told anything and asks her for information about her parents until Mandy irritably reminds her that she hasn't slept in days since giving birth to the baby, and is in post partum pain from her pregnancy, saying that she cannot help her. Much to her annoyance, Missy walks out of the room.

Sheldon comes home to see his father burn pigs in a blanket. He asks George to help him learn to throw a ball. Outside, George tries to tell Sheldon to learn how to throw a football; Sheldon learns to throw it very quickly due to his knowledge of science. He throws the ball perfectly, something that his father commends; Sheldon goes home to have a shower because he feels like he is a jock.

At night, Mary goes to sleep; Meemaw is annoyed and wants to keep some space while at the same time, she and her daughter could provide help with the baby, while Mary would be avoiding George in the process.

At school, Missy and Billy are in the same class about to take a test given by Darlene Wilkins. She asks Billy about what happened at the hospital; he responds that she was there for the baby. Mrs. Wilkins comes to tell them repeatedly to not cheat. Missy assures her that she and Billy were not cheating, but the teacher thinks otherwise as they're talking during the test. Missy retorts about her adulterous ways mentioning her husband and indirectly involving her ex-husband. Missy is picked up by her parents and is scolded for her disrespectful attitude towards her parents in addition to her teacher. She questions that the only time they are together is to yell at her, and changes the subject to why her mom is at Meemaw's instead of being at home. George interjects that she will not be rude to her parents or her teacher. She complains that she is overlooked all her life and their attention is usually focused on Sheldon and currently Georgie since he is now a parent; Mary and George do not understand her frustration and think is because they forgot to pick her up once and they tell her to stop being dramatic.

Sheldon comes to Mandy to help and understand failure. He sings Soft Kitty to Constance who quiets down. Sheldon gives her back to Mandy, who cries again to Mandy's consternation. He goes to Dr. Linkletter's office once more and has an awkward chat about sarcasm, which he completely does not understand at all. He leaves after Linkletter tells him to leave.

Missy is forced to go to her room, and to apologize to her teacher as well, to which she replies saying that Wilkins is no longer her surname anymore. Meanwhile, Mary and George have an awkward conversation at home saying that everything could have been avoided if she was home more, and he points out that he's not the one sleeping next door instead of being with their kids. She retorts regarding their own potential affairs with Brenda and Pastor Rob respectively. George asks if Mary is happier if Rob is present, to which Mary says so while nothing actually happened. She asks him the same question regarding Brenda and if he likes her company. Mary asks him what happens next, and George replies after a brief pause, that he does not know the answer. Georgie and Mandy bond together. Mandy thinks they are not great parents; Georgie says that is due to being new parents and they can grow up together to be great parents. Constance, now given the nickname CeeCee, goes to sleep.

Sheldon comes home at night and sees his mother packing more clothes; she is doing so she can stay at Meemaw's a bit longer than planned. Sheldon walks in and wants to talk about his database failure. Mary hugs Sheldon; Missy walks by. Seeing the familial bond between Sheldon and Mary and disgusted by feeling left out, Missy decides she had enough and runs away again. Going back to her room, Missy packs up her things, steals the keys to her dad's truck, and goes on the run, searching for Paige.








  • The Jane's Addiction song Missy was listening to in her room was "Stop" that came out in 1990.