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"Stuffed Animals and A Sweet Southern Syzygy" is the fifth episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on November 4, 2021.


Sheldon and Dr. Linkletter struggle to solve an equation. Also, Georgie has a solution for Meemaw's business woes, and George Sr. gives advice on Missy's love life.

Extended plot[]

The episode starts with Adult sheldon mentions a syzygy. George's idea of the stars aligning was himself at home with the rest of the family at home. Billy rings the door bell and wanted to talk to him alone. He wanted to ask Missy out but wanted his permission. George tells him that they are friends and would have complications and make it super awkward. Sheldon and linkletter are staring at forumals and are stuck on a problem. Linkeletter doesn't want to deal with Sturgis as they had some confrontation lol.

Meemaw is cleaning her laundromat. Dale comes over and says he got to pet a horse; Meemaw had run out ouf quarters, had to break up a fight over dryer sheet, and dryer #3 had overflowed again. Meemaw wanted to bring Georgie to work over there, but Dale wants to keep him as his best employee. Sheldon comes home to see Billy getting a beer from the fridge; he also was teaching billy about football. Sheldon tries to ask advice about Linkeletter. At home, Meemaw queries Georgie if he wants to manage a business on his own. It would be her laundromat; He feels like a salesman and Meemaw convines him it would be wall to wall with girls. At the laundromat, Georgie realizes it would be middle aged moms who come to get things changed. He feel lied about “girls”, who are women who were “girls” years before. Meemaw thought she was tired and would get her to do something; Now she wants Georgie to take over and didn't want to continue to doing it. George has an idea where instead of giving outmoney, which is illegal, they could generate tickets and get teddy bears and other merchandise.

Meanwhile, at school, George tells Wilkins about Billy's crush on Missy.

Georgie was surprised at the secret casino room in the back. She could not do I as she is alreadyon the radar of the police. Gerogie think it is a great idea and she is a badass. Meanwhile, Sheldon gets back in his dad's truck. He had a successful event where he had gotten Linkletter and Sturges at the same board from earlier; he gets them to use their antagonism together to generate the solution to do so. Linkletter admitted he needed the help of Sturgis to solve the issues. He had used Sturgis’ idea of distinguishing big particles from axiom particles. At home, Missy is mad at George for telling Billy to ask her out; he did in front of her friends and that gossip went around really fast among the faculty lounge. Her teacher is married to Coach Wilkijns.

Later, George goes to Brenda, where they talk with Billy a bit. George reveals he had asked out other girls in 8th grade, but admits the worst has gone over. He tells Billy that a rejection is not the end of the world and lots of guys are unable to move on. Billy is appreciative of the advice. He goes home tired.

In the car, Meemaw tells Dale that his Chuck E Cheese idea is some idea. Dale think it is a godo idea. Meemaw goes to Georgie and wants to talk.





  • Donna Pieroni as Female Patron
  • Polina Frantsena as Girl #1
  • Brittini London as Girl #2
  • Samantha Cutaran as Girl #3


  • The 7th time Young Sheldon Cooper absent in cold open.
  • Mary Cooper had a small cameo in this series, her scene is short.
  • Billy Sparks asked out Missy only to be turned down by her and George Sr tried to stop him from asking her out.

Vanity Card[]




Adult Sheldon (VO): In astronomy, a syzygy is a rare event when three or more celestial bodies line up. You may also know it as the stars aligning, which was probably coined by someone who couldn't spell "syzygy." If you want to win Scrabble, remember this bad boy. My father's idea of the stars aligning was having the house completely to himself. I was at school, Missy was at a friend's, Georgie was working, and my mother was on her way to a church retreat.