A new relationship exists between Comic Book Store owner Stuart Bloom and his recently hired assistant manager Denise (no known last name). This may be the first steady relationship for "sad sack" Stuart. They went together to Sheldon and Amy's Wedding because Denise found out that Mark Hamill of Star Wars would be there. Her attraction to Stuart began when Stuart knew more about Star Wars trivia than Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker.

A formal relationship started between Denise and Stuart in the second episode of season 12, "The Wedding Gift Wormhole". The couple is seen working together and just hanging out at the comic book store. For their first date, Stuart over does his tanning and ends up orange. Denise doesn't mind though she also like to makes jokes about Stuart's coloring about Finding Nemo|Nemo, crayons and Chicken ala Orange.

In "The Procreation Calculation", Stuart starts having Denise over to his room in the Wolowitz House and they get romantic to the song "Smooth Operator". Howard and Bernadette aren't happy about this development.

In "The Paintball Scattering", she asks him to move in, but he is reluctant. Stuart doesn't want to ruin what they have. In the end, Stuart makes it up to Denise by giving her a key to the Wolowitz House which he asks her not to let Howard know about. .

In "The Meteorite Manifestation", Bert wants Raj's help cutting open a meteorite with a band saw. Leonard wants to do it with his laser, but Bert declines. Leonard gets angry that he is left out. After the guys announce that they are cutting open a meteorite, Stuart insists that something bad will come from it. Later, when Stuart and Denise find no one around, they honestly think that something did happen and they are the last couple on earth.

In "The Maternal Conclusion" Bernadette notices that Denise is spending a lot of time at their house even adding items to the shopping list. Stuart tries to have a movie night at Denise's apartment, but they get weirded out by her creepy roommate Mitch. After a rough night spent at the comic book store, she again mentions about him turning down her offer for them to live together. Stuart admits it was a mistake and says he wants to move in. They ask Mitch if he'll move out and he asks Stuart if he loves Denise. They hadn't discussed it, but quickly they tell each other that they're in love.

In "The Stockholm Syndrome", Stuart and Denise are watching the Wolowitz kids while the parents are in Sweden. Halley gets lost during a game of hide and seek, Michael gets a fever and Halley falls down the stairs losing a tooth. Bernadette's parents come over to take charge after that.


  • Both of them are skilled artists.


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