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"Okay, if you’re going to question the importance of an actor’s signature on a plastic helmet from a movie based on a comic book, then all of our lives have no meaning!"
―Stuart Bloom, The Russian Rocket Reaction

Stuart David Bloom[1][2] is a major character in The Big Bang Theory. He is the owner of The Comic Center of Pasadena, which the guys regularly visit and is their friend. He has a talent for drawing and is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. He also has an extensive knowledge on comic books and first appears in the season 2 episode "The Hofstadter Isotope". He also acts as competition for the lead characters when he dated Penny and Amy (respectively) to help move the other's relationships forward. In Season 12 in finally finds a girlfriend in fellow comic book enthusiast and artist Denise.

Stuart then starts bonding with his similarly lonely counterpart Raj at the start of Season 6, substituting for Howard when Howard has gone to space. He often seeks approval from Sheldon and his group. His actor, Kevin Sussman, was added to the main cast in season 6 with his credit at the opening when he was present in the episode; however, he was demoted back to the recurring status in "The Tangible Affection Proof" (S06E16), but had it restored at the start of season 8 in "The Locomotion Interruption". As of September 2015, Stuart has appeared on more episodes than Mrs. Wolowitz and is right behind series regular Amy.

He's helpful and kind-hearted but due to his overworking schedule and underpaying job as a comic book store owner he's unable to get out much and often gets depressed and struggles with financial and health issues.

Biography/Series overview[]

Early Life (Before the show)[]

Stuart was born on May 7, 1974. He studied at and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (which may suggest that he's from Rhode Island). After being unable to gain employment as a comic book artist, Stuart eventually moved to Pasadena and opened up the comic book store. He also became a good friend to the guys. It is unknown how they met his friends, but they were regulars in his comic book store in 2003 when the social group formed when they first came in.

Season 1[]

Stuart has no appearances in any episodes of Season 1; though in "The Nerdvana Annihilation" (S01E14) the comic book store is mentioned and Leonard mentions that he is going to sell all his collectibles to Larry. This could either be Stuart before his name was changed or Lonely Larry.

Season 2[]

The Hofstadter Isotope 10

On a date with Penny.

Stuart's first appearance was "The Hofstadter Isotope," where he asked Penny out on a date, not knowing Leonard had feelings for her. The date itself went fine, but the end was interrupted by Sheldon. The two debated about who would replace Batman if he should die. Penny falls asleep as they argue, and the two leave together.

Sleepy date.

He has a second date with Penny later in "The Classified Materials Turbulence" and asks Leonard for advice on how to approach Penny. Leonard deliberately avoids Stuart's request and ultimately gives him bad advice. The next day, Leonard feels guilty and goes to apologize to Stuart. Stuart reveals the date went really fine, until he and Penny started making out in his car and Penny accidentally called him "Leonard." He understands she and Leonard have unresolved feelings; however, and holds no anger towards Leonard.

Season 3[]

In "The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary", Sheldon enters a collectible card game tournament only after he hears that Wil Wheaton, for whom he harbors a deep resentment for missing a 1995 Sci-Fi convention, is also participating. With Raj as his partner, they reach the final match against Stuart and Wil. Sheldon can easily win, but Wil lies, claiming his grandmother's death prevented him from appearing at said convention, which tugs at Sheldon's heart-strings. Sheldon lets Wil win, leaving Sheldon even more resentful of him after Wil tells him the truth that his grandmother is still alive. Stuart is, of course, pleased about their win.

In "The Guitarist Amplification," Sheldon goes to the comic book store to avoid Leonard and Penny's bickering, which he hates. The two arrive to get Sheldon, and it appears Stuart still harbors some feelings for Penny, despite her and Leonard having started dating (he whispers, "I love you," when she walks away). Sheldon regrets having only gotten a couple things at Stuart's store in the end of the episode.

In "The Excelsior Acquisition", Stuart announces that he got Stan Lee to come over to the store for a signing due to his uncle being Stan's dermatologist. He, Leonard and Howard go out for gelato with Stan and later in the episode, Penny asks Stuart for Stan's phone number to make up for Sheldon missing Stan Lee, as he had a trial the day Stan was in Stuart's store. Stuart gives her his address in exchange for Penny and Leonard coming with him to his cousin's wedding. He tells Penny they'll tell people Penny and Leonard are cousins.

"The Wheaton Recurrence" sees Stuart pairing up with Wil and a few guys from the comic book store to compete against the guys and Penny in bowling. His team wins by default because Penny leaves after Wil (once again) manipulates the other team by convincing her to not string Leonard along. The episode folds with the four guys walking into the comic book store dressed like Catwoman (Raj), Batgirl (Howard), Wonder Woman (Sheldon), and Supergirl (Leonard), since they lost the bet to Wheaton and Stuart.

Season 4[]

In "The Desperation Emanation," Stuart states he is dating a girl he met at a comic convention. Though he does not like her, he continues to date her because he does not want to be alone.

He hosts his annual costume party for New Year's Eve in "The Justice League Recombination."

In an attempt to replace LeonardHoward and Raj as friends, Stuart is invited over by Sheldon in "The Toast Derivation", along with Barry Kripke and Zack Johnson. Stuart takes advantage of the invitation to take a hot shower in Sheldon's bathroom and ends up singing karaoke with Kripke and Zack. 

Season 5[]

When an attractive girl named Alice enters the comic book store in "The Good Guy Fluctuation", Stuart tries and fails to ask her out, though she gives her number to Leonard to trade for the comic book Leonard is preparing to buy. Even though Leonard has not exactly picked up a girl in the store, Stuart still takes a picture of him to be put up on the "Wall of Heroes".

When Amy visits the comic book store with Sheldon, Stuart, after inquiring about the state of her relationship with Sheldon, asks her out in "The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition". Sheldon later learns that Amy and Stuart are out on a date, he becomes jealous and asks Penny to go out on a date. After talking to Penny, he interrupts Amy and Stuart on their date, and asks Amy to be his girlfriend, which she gladly accepts. Stuart takes her home anyhow, understanding and accepting the situation.

Sheldon tries to chitchat with Stuart when he needs someone to take him to the dentist in "The Friendship Contraction". Stuart tells Sheldon his shrink just killed himself and blamed Stuart in the note. Stuart also mentions that his parents are alive, but his grandparents are not.

Stuart makes a brief appearance at his store in "The Weekend Vortex", where he tries to help Sheldon find a present for Amy's aunt.

He goes to Howard's bachelor party and makes it clear he is still financially strapped in "The Stag Convergence".

Season 6[]

Starting in season 6, Stuart is promoted to a full cast member so as to provide a friend for Raj since Howard is married and is away at the International Space Station. Their interplay is similar to Raj and Howard's friendship though he makes more comments like "does he know what he's saying" than Howard did. He gets accepted into the main group with Sheldon calling him "the fake Wolowitz". By "The Re-Entry Minimization", Stuart has moved in with Raj.

In "The Bakersfield Expedition", Stuart hosts Penny, Amy, and Bernadette at his comic book store during their venture to find out why their guys like comic books. He also controls the guys in the store when they continuously stare at the ladies.

In "The Tangible Affection Proof", Stuart is demoted back to recurring cast member and he and Raj put together a party for people who had no one on Valentine's Day, which was better than the suicidal feelings he would have had if he had been alone that night.

Season 7[]

In "The Deception Verification", Stuart uses reverse psychology to make Sheldon not only buy, but pay a severely increased price, for an Aquaman figure and a Batman squirt gun. Sheldon willingly pays $1200 for the Aquaman figure and $200 for the squirt gun.

Stuart allows Raj to use his comic book store for the scavenger hunt in "The Scavenger Vortex". Whilst Raj is in the store, Stuart asks if The Social Group ever thinks about inviting him to hang out with them. He is disappointed when no one buys anything.

In "The Hesitation Ramification", Stuart and Raj attempt to pick up girls at the mall, but fail. Though they do form a friendship with one of the security guards.

In "The Occupation Recalibration", Bernadette comes to the store to replace one of Howard's comic books that she destroyed. Stuart takes her to a rival store owned by an obnoxious guy named Jesse who keeps taunting Stuart. Bernadette stands up for her friend. Stuart also finds his friend Captain Sweatpants hanging out at Capitol Comics Store.

In "The Mommy Observation", Stuart plays the murder victim in Raj's murder mystery game and tells Leonard and Penny that they have the strongest couple relationship he knows. Penny accidentally lets slip she's the villain in the game. The friends discuss having dinner in the apartment in 2 decades from the date and the episode ends with only Stuart in front of the apartment for the dinner.

In "The Status Quo Combustion", the comic book store has suffered a fire. Stuart is despondent about how to make a living, unsure of what will happen with the insurance payout. Howard offers him a job taking care of his injured mother, which turns out to be fun for Stuart.

The Status Quo Combustion 38

Stuart cleaning up after the fire.

Season 8[]

As of "The Locomotion Interruption," Stuart is re-promoted to a regular cast member. Stuart is still living with Debbie Wolowitz, in spite of her recovery, and he starts to share a bond with her which Howard finds disturbing, as they even share an answering machine recording. Later, Stuart arrives at Howard's house to talk about what is going on, but it quickly descends into an argument in which both men accuse one another of trying to act like the other's father.

In "The Hook-up Reverberation", Raj tells the gang that Stuart didn't get enough insurance money to re-open his store. The guys decide to give him the money and were enthusiastic about owning a comic book store. Mrs. Wolowitz beats them to it and gives Stuart the money. 

In "The Prom Equivalency", Howard is worried that Stuart will bring his mother to their prom party. Instead he shows up with Howard's second cousin Jeanie whom he had lost his virginity to at a funeral when he was fifteen in the back of her father's Toyota Corolla. They try to get him to forget it since it was long ago; however, Howard eventually loses it and starts choking Stuart in the limo on the way to the party.


Stuart on date with Howard's cousin Jeannie.

In "The Comic Book Store Regeneration", Stuart reopens his store which bothers Howard because his mother gave him the den furniture from her house to use at the store. The tension dies out when Howard learns his mother died. Stuart is later seen at the apartment toasting Mrs. Wolowitz with everyone else, thanking her for giving him a home when he needed it. 

In "The Leftover Thermalization", Stuart tells Howard that the electricity has been out for hours and Howard is devastated that he'll lose all of his mother's food that was in the freezer. The whole gang has one last meal cooked by Mrs. W and Stuart mentions he knew of the paper Sheldon and Leonard made together, making their girlfriends mad when he revives the tension with them. Leonard threatens Sheldon, leading Bernadette to call them into the living room and the group's stunned, with Howard commenting Bernadette sounds like his late mother when she's mad while she yells at Sheldon and Leonard for having a fight and acting like kids. In later episodes he is still living there after Howard and Bernadette clean out the house and move in.

In "The Maternal Combustion", Stuart and Howard have gotten so lazy that Bernadette is forced to do everything around the house. She eventually gets fed up and forces them, along with Raj (who happened to be visiting), to clean the kitchen. After a while, the men begin to sing "It's a Hard Knock Life" as they finish their cleaning.

In "The Commitment Determination", Howard and Bernadette want Stuart to move out of their house. Howard wants Bernadette to break the news to him, but they can't because they learn that it's his birthday so they serve him a cupcake with a candle in it rather than serving him an eviction notice. His father also calls him to wish him a "Happy Birthday".

Season 9[]

In "The Matrimonial Momentum" Stuart is still living with Howard and Bernadette. He and Howard are the only ones of the gang to catch the 'I now pronounce you Husband and Wife' moment of Leonard and Penny's Wedding. He later tries to take advantage of Amy and Sheldon's break-up by bringing to the attention of Amy that there are other men out in the world, while placing his hand on her shoulder. The advance was not received well. He also lit up when hearing that Penny and Leonard had a fight after their wedding, and Penny was in her apartment alone.

In "The Perspiration Implementation", the girls try to help Stuart attract more women to his store. Stuart has stocked more women friendly comics and put in a breast feeding section which a webcam for protection though the girls find it creepy. Finally everyone including Stuart decide that he is the problem, though he admits that he is getting desperate. Amy tries to console him since she used to feel the same way. Stuart just thinks that she wants him to ask her out.

In "The Sales Call Sublimation", Stuart finally moves out into his own apartment. Though they don't want to admit it, Howard and Bernadette miss him. Stuart later returns in the middle of night watching them sleep, stating that he misses doing this.

In "The Empathy Optimization", Stuart was mistreated by an ill Sheldon like everyone else, and he immediately accepts Sheldon's apology to him. Later, Stuart is devastated when everybody plans a weekend in Vegas, but forgot to invite him (as usual). In the end, when Sheldon has finally made an acceptable apology to Emily, Stuart is allowed to come on the trip, in spite of everyone forgetting him again (he would have been welcome anyway). Though initially Sheldon forced Stuart to get off the bus with him as everyone left, they were invited back onto the party bus.

In "The Celebration Experimentation" Stuart gives Leonard Adam West's contact information so that he can make an appearance at Sheldon's birthday party. He is later visibly hurt that Barry Kripke learned that Bernadette was pregnant before he did. Helping prepare the apartment for the party, Penny keeps on his case to stop the self-hate and pity and keep working on the party. When Stuart tries to toast Sheldon, Amy interrupts him.

In "The Viewing Party Combustion", he shows up at the "Game of Throne"'s party to watch the show in costume because Howard played a prank on him. He gets mad at Howard, but he lets it go after Howard as an allergic reaction to the pistachios in the party sub. When the other guys taunt him for the way he looks while on his bike, he bans their bathroom privileges at the comic book store and leaves, tripping on the way.


Using the hot tub and enjoying the Jacuzzi jet when he thinks H&B are away.

In "The Line Substitution Solution", Stuart learns about people doing favors and errands for others in exchange for money, and is interested in doing so to make up for the low revenue for his comic book store. Sheldon hires Stuart to go shopping with Amy since he doesn't want to, but Amy pays Stuart to yell at Sheldon in response. After Stuart's failed attempt to apologize to Amy for Sheldon, he decides to apologize himself and pay Stuart to hold his spot in line at the movie theater. Stuart then leaves when Sheldon returns, but not before insulting Raj and his stick chair on Howard's behalf.

Season 10[]

Stuart appears in the season premiere "The Conjugal Conjecture" as a guest at Leonard and Penny's redo wedding ceremony. He sits in the front row, right in between Alfred and Beverly Hofstadter (who are still feuding). Stuart feels uncomfortable when Leonard's parents quietly argue, but is touched when they both said that having Leonard was one of the good things that came from their marriage.

He reappears in "The Hot Tub Contamination". It's revealed that he had not given Howard back his house key. (Howard had forgotten to ask him for it) Stuart and Raj both sneak into the Wolowitz House to use the hot tub. While talking, Stuart reveals he's naked and an increasingly mad Howard snaps at him and Raj.

In "The Fetal Kick Catalyst", Stuart, along with Bert and Mrs. Petrescu, is a guest at Sheldon and Amy's trial brunch. While there, he finally addresses his conflict with everyone always shunning him, which gains Sheldon's respect (as he always felt that way before).

In "The Property Division Collision", Stuart moves back in with Howard and Bernadette. He also cooks nice food for dinner. He offers to help out Howard and Bernadette anytime from now and after their baby's birth. He also asks to stay for a while now that he's been evicted. Although Bernadette is skeptical, Howard sees it as a great idea, considering that Stuart's extra hands will be helpful, he'll treat the baby right thanks to the experience with him caring for Howard's mother, and (best of all), Stuart will easily do the things Howard never even bothered to do. Later, Raj gets upset that Stuart is doing this especially since he was already helping out, but Stuart points out that things will be okay, if not better, with a "fourth wheel". After Bernadette goes into labor, Stuart heads to the hospital with the expectant parents and Raj.

In "The Recollection Dissipation", Halley starts daycare and Stuart is banned from the facility.

Season 11[]

In “The Relaxation Integration", Bernadette's new colleague is introduced. She is recently from India and is working at Zangen with Bernie. Howard knows that she is having drinks with his wife and sends Raj and Stuart who are both single. Ruchi tells them at she is not looking for a relationship, but is willing to be friends with them.

In "The Geology Methodology", Raj tells him about his casual relationship with Ruchi. Stuart is happy for him, but tells him that he is going to screw it up.


Stuart impressing Denise at the wedding.

In "The Gates Excitation", Stuart is seen trying to pick up some Spanish speaking nannies speaking some very bad Spanish.

In "The Comet Polarization", author Neil Gaiman tweets about Stuart's great retro-store and the owner's comic book knowledge making his store very popular. The extra customers make Sheldon very uncomfortable. Stuart has to hire an assistant manager named Denise. He still helps the Wolowitzes out with their two kids.

In "The Bow Tie Asymmetry", at Sheldon and Amy's Wedding, Stuart works up the courage to ask Denise to be his date to the wedding. At first, she tries to decline until Howard runs in to reveal that Star Wars' actor Mark Hamill and has him buy her a dress. During the wedding, Stuart demonstrates his extensive Star Wars knowledge by answering all the questions put to guest minister Mark Hamill. His geeky nature is something Denise finds to be hot. He and Denise later make out.

Season 12[]

In "The Wedding Gift Wormhole", Stuart and Denise are having a decent chat and as she heads out, they pat each other on the head. Raj and Howard wonder how she feels about him and he doesn't know, leading him to consider requesting dating her. In Bernadette and Howard's kitchen, they notice him smiling cause Denise said she'd date him. He goes to Raj for advice and he goes to Denise for their date, having made bad decisions in preparation.

In "The Meteorite Manifestation, Bert wants Raj's help cutting open a meteorite with a band saw. Leonard wants to do it with his laser, but Bert declines. Leonard gets angry that he is left out. After the guys announce that they are cutting open a meteorite, Stuart insists that something bad will come from it. Later, when Stuart and Denise find no one around, they honestly think that something did happen and they are the last couple on earth.

In "The D & D Vortex", Stuart is playing with Wil Wheaton in a series of celebrity D&D games that include William Shatner and Kevin Smith, which the guys find out and are jealous, leading the girls to comment they know Stuart won't just use Stuart to get close to his famous friends. The guys pressure Stuart for information causing him to spill the secret and then withdraw from the game. Wil temporarily replaces him with Leonard, til he violates his rules and the girls are in his game.

In "The Procreation Calculation", Stuart starts having Denise over to his room in the Wolowitz House and they get romantic to the song "Smooth Operator". Howard and Bernadette aren't happy about this development. They continue dating throughout the season.

In "The Laureate Accumulation", Halley is afraid of the dark so Howard tells her how he was afraid while on the International Space Station. Bernadette hears the tale and she and Stuart doing the illuminations write a book entitled “The Frightened Little Astronaut.” Howard doesn't want the world to know about his experience especially after a publisher is interested in the book.

In "The Maternal Conclusion", Bernadette notices that Denise is spending a lot of time at their house even adding items to the shopping list. Stuart tries to have a movie night at Denise's apartment, but they get weirded out by her creepy roommate Mitch. After a rough night spent at the comic book store, she again mentions about him turning down her offer for them to live together. Stuart admits it was a mistake and says he wants to move in. They ask Mitch if he'll move out and he asks Stuart if he loves Denise. They hadn't discussed it but quickly they tell each other that they're in love.

In "The Stockholm Syndrome", Stuart and Denise are watching the Wolowitz kids while the parent are in Sweden. Halley gets lost during a game of hide and seek, Michael gets a fever and Halley falls down the stairs losing a tooth. Bernadette's parents come over to take charge after that. Leonard Says Stuart gets a broken rib from Mike through a hug to make Penny think this when in reality Michael's sick. This is his last appearance in the show. His discussion with the Wolowitz couple leads them to panic for their kids and consider heading home. Sheldon selfishly tells Howard to get over his concerns for his big day, leading Howard to decide on heading home, with Leonard and Penny considering joining cause of Sheldon's dismissal of Penny's pregnancy and selfish treatment of his friends. They only stay with him cause Sheldon has a change of heart once Amy calls Sheldon out on his mistreatment of their friends.

Physical Appearance[]

"He has the sallow, drawn countenance associated with an overactive thyroid gland. That’s kind of hot."
Amy Farrah Fowler, The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition

Stuart's a lean man of average height, who was in his mid-thirties during early seasons, but he is in his mid-forties by series end, making him the oldest member of the gang. He is 5' 8" (173 cm) with dark brown, graying hair that's slightly bald late series and brown eyes.



Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj[]

Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj are friends with Stuart throughout the series. Leonard and Stuart are very friendly with each other and Leonard regularly visits him at the comic book store. Stuart has also invited Leonard over to his store for parties. Stuart went on two dates with Penny, which of course irritated Leonard to no end even though she and Leonard were not currently in a relationship. The first date was in "The Hofstadter Isotope". The second date in "The Classified Materials Turbulence", Stuart looked to Leonard for advice in dealing with Penny. Leonard tried to avoid giving him advice but finally broke down. The advice, however, turned out to be exactly how Leonard had been trying to woo Penny for the last two years - thinking that if it didn't work for him; it wouldn't for Stuart. After the date, Leonard felt really bad and finally caught up with Stuart to apologize when Stuart actually appreciated the advice and it worked great right up until they were making out and he said, "Oh Penny!" And instead of saying, "Oh Stuart!" she called him Leonard. While acting sorrowful for Stuart, Leonard was overjoyed that Penny still liked him.


At his comic book store.

Sheldon is on good terms with Stuart, but at one point the latter made the former jealous when he went on a date with Amy.

Stuart had been friendly with Howard for many years, but then in Season 8, problems developed between them due to Howard being highly uncomfortable with Stuart developing a very close non-romantic relationship with Howard's mother and he infuriated Howard further when bringing his second cousin Jeanie to the prom do-over - the woman who Howard lost his virginity to at the age of 15. This led to Howard attacking Stuart in the limo. But they made up and still in good terms.

Stuart is also on good terms with Raj. They have done several things together, including hosting a singles party together on Valentine's Day in Season 6. They have even worked together in setting up online dating profiles, live together and Stuart also filled in the role of Raj's best friend when Howard was in space.

Bernadette Rostenkowski[]


Replacing one of Howard's comic books.

Bernadette has a cordial relationship with Stuart and is friends with him, though it's become more strained by Stuart living in their house after Mrs. Wolowitz's death. While Stuart started living with Mrs. Wolowitz, Bernadette tried to calm Howard down when he'd get angry about Stuart's close relationship with his mother. As Stuart tried to re-open his comic book store with help from Mrs. Wolowitz, Bernadette tried to make Howard see that the used furniture was a reasonable price to pay to get Stuart out of his mother's house. After Mrs. Wolowitz's death, Stuart continued to stay at the house, even as Howard and Bernadette moved in. Bernadette and Howard tried to ask him to leave, but they gave up when Stuart said it was his birthday. When he does leave, they both secretly admit that they missed him. Bernadette become good friends and Stuart helps her take care of the family. He eventually moved back in when he got thrown out of his apartment and helped with the second baby.

In "The Wedding Gift Wormhole", when Stuart has a date with Denise and over does his tanning and ends up orange, Bernadette laughs at Howard's jokes but helps Stuart. Bernadette encouraged him go pick up Denise anyway, assuring him that she might be flattered by his attempt to impress her for the event. Her advice was well put, as Denise went out with Stuart anyway.

Emily Sweeney[]

Stuart has met Emily, but hasn't spoken to her. She did seem overjoyed, though, by his bringing Jeanie to prom and enjoyed listening to the story of Howard having sex with her. Stuart was even impressed when Raj admitted to have finally slept with her.

Debbie Wolowitz[]

Stuart met Debbie Wolowitz, Howard's mother, in the Season 7 finale "The Status Quo Combustion" after Mrs. Wolowitz broke her leg and Stuart offered to become her nurse. They developed a very close non-romantic relationship when Mrs. Wolowitz let Stuart stay at her house after Stuart was left homeless when his comic book store burned down. Mrs. Wolowitz also set Stuart up with her son's second cousin Jeanie, which made Howard furious, and he wasn't very happy about the relationship between his mother and Stuart.

In "The Comic Book Store Regeneration", Stuart and the rest of the gang got the news that Mrs. Wolowitz had died in her sleep while visiting Howard's Aunt Gladys in Florida. In the end, in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, Stuart and the gang, minus Howard and Bernadette who left that night for Florida, proposed a toast to Mrs. Wolowitz, and Stuart also the woman with whom he became good friends and who gave him a home in her house.



Aws133 - Sheldon and Amy's wedding

Stuart watching Penny set up Amy and Sheldon's wedding

Stuart's first appearance was "The Hofstadter Isotope," where he asked Penny out on a date, not knowing Leonard had feelings for her. The date itself went fine, but the end was interrupted by Sheldon. The two debated about who would replace Batman if he should die. Penny falls asleep as they argue, and the two guys leave together.

He has a second date with Penny later in "The Classified Materials Turbulence" and asks Leonard for advice on how to approach Penny. Leonard deliberately avoids Stuart's request and ultimately gives him bad advice. The next day, Leonard feels guilty and goes to apologize to Stuart. Stuart reveals the date went really fine, until he and Penny started making out in his car and Penny accidentally called him "Leonard." He understands she and Leonard have unresolved feelings; however, and holds no anger towards Leonard. Penny and Stuart are still good friends.

Amy Farrah Fowler[]

Amy&Stuart in theater

Stuart and Amy on their date.

Amy Farrah Fowler is the neurobiologist of the group and was found as a possible match for Sheldon. Stuart first met Amy in season 5's "The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition", when Amy followed Sheldon to the comic book store on a Wednesday night since it is New Comic Book night. Stuart asked her if she needed help with comic books and Amy wanted to see a comic book that depicts a woman whose bosoms cannot be used as a flotation device, but Stuart said there is none of that sort since guys like big boobs and some even have them. The two had a friendly conversation, which ended well. Stuart then proceeded to ask Leonard whether Amy and Sheldon are an "item" (couple), prompting a surprise reaction from Leonard, Howard, and Raj. Howard asked whether he is interested in Amy and Stuart revealed that he is, since Amy did not look at him with hatred and contempt, which he finds likable in a woman. He asked Leonard to check with Sheldon if it is fine for him to ask her out. Sheldon was fine since he never thought Amy would even look at someone like Stuart so Stuart texted her, asking her out for coffee.

Amy was hanging at Penny's with the girls when she received the message and was pleasantly surprised, especially at being teased about being a vixen by Penny. Bernadette asked Amy on her opinion of Stuart and Amy sincerely answered that Stuart is nice and funny and has an indication of an overactive thyroid gland that she finds as hot. Bernadette asked her what she will do about the invitation and proceeded to ask whether Stuart is aware that Amy has a boyfriend. Penny quickly replied that Amy does not have a boyfriend, but she has a Sheldon. Penny told Amy that as much as they all love Sheldon, she has been with him for over a year and if their relationship is not going anywhere, it is fine if she goes and look somewhere else. Bernadette agreed with Penny by adding that Sheldon and Amy are not engaged like her and Howard. Amy agreed to go out with Stuart for coffee, which was later revealed to be pumpkin lattes, when Stuart posted on his Facebook the details of their date. The date went well since Amy agreed to go out with Stuart again, this time to the movies. As they were watching, Stuart told her that if she is bored she could leave, but Amy refused and told Stuart that she is having a nice time. Their date was interrupted, however, by a jealous Sheldon who commented that the thought of Amy with Stuart is repellent and proceeded to finally ask her to be his girlfriend. Amy agreed, and Stuart sat in silence next to her, watching the exchange between her and Sheldon. Sheldon left as quickly as he came and gave Stuart a dollar to make up for ruining his date.

Amy and Stuart continued their date and later were seen walking back to Amy's Apartment. Despite Amy having just upgraded her relationship with another man, Stuart seemed to harbor no hard feelings and even commented that their date was nice. Sheldon interrupted again from within Amy's apartment and told them to wrap things up so they said good night and gave each other a friendly hug. Sheldon again, yelled from inside and told Stuart to go back since they have said good night so he left. Stuart is the first character on the show to have directly expressed his interest in Amy, an action which became a catalyst for the progress in Sheldon and Amy's relationship instead. Until Season 11, Stuart remains single (unless counting Raj), but nonetheless on good terms with Amy.



Stuart at the prom with Jeanie.

Jeanie is Howard's second cousin. It seemed Howard's mother had arranged for her to go the roof prom with him, something which made Howard angry who was not so fond of the relationship between his mother and Stuart. Howard attacked Stuart in the limo and later at the prom during picture-taking, Stuart walked away from Jeanie, leaving her peeved.



Stuart agrees to move in with Denise.

When the comic book store become popular, Stuart hires a tall geeky comic book enthusiast assistant manager, but Denise arrives. She turns him down to go to Sheldon and Amy's Wedding until she learns that Star Wars' Mark Hamill will be there. She is very impressed with his Star Wars knowledge when he out does Mark Hamill at the wedding. She finds his expertise very hot and they start to make out after the wedding. They share a kiss after the ceremony.

They go to flirting in "The Wedding Gift Wormhole". They mostly work and just hang out at the comic book store until Stuart is encouraged to ask her out. For their first date, Stuart over does his tanning and ends up orange. He is encouraged by Bernadette to go pick up Denise anyway, since he was trying to impress her for the event. While surprised to see his tanned skin, Denise appreciates the gesture and doesn't mind though she also like to makes jokes about Stuart's coloring about Nemo, crayons, and Chicken ala Orange. He takes it in stride and they proceed to go out.

In "The Procreation Calculation", Stuart starts having Denise over to his room in the Wolowitz House and they get romantic to the song "Smooth Operator" which others Howard and Bernadette. The couple is seen both working together and just hanging out at the comic book store. She asks him to move in with her, but is reluctant not wanting to ruin what they have. After the Leonard announces that they are cutting open a meteorite at work, Stuart insists that something bad will come from it based upom all the science fiction and comic books. Denise agrees with Stuart. Later, when Stuart and Denise find no one around, they honestly think that something did happen and they are the last couple on earth. Earth repopulation coitus then begins.

In "The Paintball Scattering", she asks him to move in with her, but he is reluctant. She is hurt and vents by shooting paintballs at Stuart who runs away again. They later talk and he admits that doesn't want to ruin what they have by rushing too fast, something she understands. In the end, Stuart makes it up to Denise by giving her a key to the Wolowitz House which he asks her not to let Howard know about.

In "The Maternal Conclusion", Stuart leaves the Wolowitz House and moves in with Denise after admitting they love each other.


Not much has been mentioned about Stuart's family, but he has mentioned that both his parents are alive, but his grandparents are not and an aunt of his had died. He also has an uncle who is Stan Lee's dermatologist and a cousin with whom he attends weddings.


  • During his initial appearances in season 2 he was, while still nerdy, much more normal and suave than in later seasons. He is also much more confident and well spoken only returning to this late series.
  • Stuart's family name, Bloom, was revealed on his Facebook page in "The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition" (S05E10) when Sheldon was examining this page, and was confirmed verbally by Raj during his Murder Mystery Night introduction in "The Mommy Observation".
  • Stuart has twice developed a crush on a love interest of a main character. The first was Penny (Leonard), then Amy (Sheldon). Ironically, in both cases, he unintentionally helps the characters' relationships grow.
  • Has an uncle who was Stan Lee's dermatologist and got Stan Lee to sign autographs in his comic book store.
  • Stuart is pals with Star Trek's Wil Wheaton who really does live in Pasadena.
  • His mother is mentioned a couple of times including that she called him her "Little Possum" as a baby and not necessarily as a compliment.
  • Stuart along with Leslie and Emily are the only characters currently in the entire main cast and former members of the main cast who have never had either of their parents appear on the show. Their actors have all been listed in the opening credits at one time or another.
  • In "The Commitment Determination", Howard mentions that one of Stuart's aunts recently died since Debbie Wolowitz passed away.
  • Stuart's middle name was revealed to be David in "The Commitment Determination".
  • If it's assumed that if the show follows real time, Stuart's birthday is the 7th of May.
  • A recurring gag in the show involves none of the characters knowing Stuart's true age.
  • Stuart is the third main character (after Leonard and Sheldon) to have his birthday celebrated.
  • Stuart knows where the soup kitchen is ("The Occupation Recalibration").
  • Stuart stated that he has a brother and a sister. Emily and Amy are the only characters of the entire main cast who remain unknown of whether they have any siblings or not (Leonard, Penny and Sheldon each have one brother and one sister, Howard has a half-brother, Leslie has one sister and Bernadette and Raj each have five siblings (Raj: 3 brothers and 2 sisters; Bernadette: Four unidentified siblings (brothers/sisters) and a brother)).
  • At Howard's bachelor party, Stuart reveals during his toast that he has "the bone density of an 80 year-old man", hinting that he may suffer from Osteoperosis or more likely its precursor Osteopenia.
  • Stuart may be possibly known for having English heritage and ancestry, due to his last name, Bloom, being a common surname in England. His name may be from the milquetoast character "Leo Bloom" from the movie "The Producers" played by the late Gene Wilder.
  • Stuart can't see well at night.
  • While his name appears during the opening credits making him a main cast member, it only appears the weeks he is in the episode.
  • In season 10, "The Escape Hatch Identification", it's revealed that he applied for a graphic artist and comic book artist after he graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, but no one was hiring. That explains how he ran his own comic book store.
  • He thought of Team Leonard as his surrogate family. With Howard and Bernadette, they are like his surrogate brother. To their kids, he is their surrogate Uncle and their caretaker.
  • Stuart was never referenced in "Young Sheldon".
    • While the others were kids, he most likely would've been a teen, since he's around the same age as Tam and Sheldon's brother.
  • Stuart's the only main character to not appear in the last scene of the show during the fade to black that ended the episode and the series. He's also the only main male character to not appear in all episodes.



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Kevin Sussman was originally credited in "guest starring" at the closing credits, until he was promoted to main cast status in season 6 where his name could be seen at the episode's opening. He reverted to "guest starring" partway through the season, but from Season 8 onwards, he is credited as a main cast member, though his name only appears in the episodes that he is in.


An image gallery is available for Stuart Bloom


  1. Stuart's family name Bloom is revealed on his Facebook page in "The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition" (S05E10) when Sheldon is examining this page.
  2. Stuart's middle name David is mentioned by Howard in "The Commitment Determination"

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