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Stephanie Hodge portrays Pat on the series Young Sheldon. Her character seems to be based on a previous character from the 1994 CBS series "Muddling Through".


On television her biggest roles are Sandy Miller on "Nurses" and Jennifer Malloy on "Unhappily Ever After". Other known productions on television include "Muddling Through", "My Talkshow" and "Sugar and Spice".

Famous movies include "Evolution" and "I, Madman". Memorable Disney appearances include "Dog with a Blog", "Good Luck Charlie" and "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody".


  • Her NBC show "Nurses" (1991-1993) was such a big success it was sometimes even viewed by more viewers than it's parent series "The Golden Girls" and "Empty Nest" were viewed by of which the series is a spin-off.

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