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Spanish is the official language of Spain and many nations of Latin America. It is also widely spoken in the USA.

Appearances in The Big Bang Theory []

Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter and Howard Wolowitz can speak Spanish, at least a bit.

  • In "The Jerusalem Duality" (S1E12), Sheldon wants to create a "Nuevo Jerusalem" in the desert of Mexico. "Nuevo" is the Spanish for "new". Also, Sheldon deliberately pronounces "j" and "r" in "Jerusalem" in Spanish way. However, Sheldon seems to ignore that the Spanish for "Jerusalem" should actually be "Jerusalén" when he end this word with an "m".
  • In "The Bat Jar Conjecture" (S1E13), when Leonard, Howard, Raj tries to invite Leslie as the fourth member of their team to attend the Physics bowl, Leslie refuses at first, but Howard makes her change her mind:
Howard: We'll just have to face Sheldon mano y mano y mano a mano.
Leslie: Wait, you're going up against Sheldon Cooper?
Howard: Yes!
Leslie: That arrogant, misogynistic, East Texas doorknob that told me I should abandon my work with high-energy particles for laundry and child bearing?
Leonard: She's in!
"mano y mano y mano a mano" is Spanish, literally "hand and hand and hand to hand". By this Howard means that they have to deal with Sheldon by three to one.
  • Also in "The Bat Jar Conjecture" (S1E13)  Sheldon is able to communicate with the Lunch Lady and convince her to join his Physics Bowl team. However, he does not understand whether she will bring her son or her butcher as the fourth member of the team.
(Two cleaners saw a plate with toast crusts)
-Ay Dios mío. (Oh my God!)
-¿Otra vez? Deben ser ratas. (Again? It must be rats.)
-Las ratas no hacen pan tostado y le cortan las orillas. (Rats don't make toast and cut off the crust.)
(They saw hooded Sheldon and drop the plate, which clashes on the ground)
-¡Ay, Dios mío! (Oh my God!)
  • In "The Re-Entry Minimization" (S6E04), Sheldon proposes to play "Physics Fiesta" - to ask and answer physics questions in Spanish ("Fiesta" is the Spanish for "party", "feast" or "festival"). It is shown that Sheldon and Leonard are both more fluent in Spanish at this time, however, Leonard mispronounces partículas and Sheldon "hispanizes" the word Higgs, which is actually pronounced just like in English:
Sheldon: ¿Dónde está el bosón de Higgs? (Where is the Higgs boson?)
Leonard: En el acelerador de partículas. (In the particle accelerator.)
Sheldon: Bueno, mi amigo. (Good, my friend.)