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"Snoopin' Around and the Wonder Twins of Atheism" is the second episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on October 14, 2021.


Sheldon encourages Missy to question the Bible. Also, Meemaw is determined to catch George Sr. in a lie, and Mary helps Pastor Jeff search for a youth pastor.[1]

Extended Plot[]

Adult Sheldon narrates about how many dreaded Sundays. With the exception of editorials from Andy Rooney at the ends of "60 Minutes" episodes, Sundays only consisted of church, football games, and Sunday school. On this day, Pastor Jeff is preaching to the kids about the Book of Exodus and how Moses was sailed down a river during the Pharaoh's slaughter of first-born children. The Pastor is mixing this with stories of his own difficulties as a new father. Despite his atheism, Sheldon correctly tells the class what happened at the time, which Missy seems unnerved about. She begins to question how God could let thousands of babies die at the hands of the Pharaoh. Before he can reply, Pastor Jeff reminds Sheldon that the massacres were the work of the Pharaoh, not God. However. Sheldon points out that he claimed these events were God's will. "How do you sleep at night?," he asks.

Following this disastrous session, Pastor Jeff decides it's time to recruit a new youth pastor to take over the class. Mary offers to help, but Peg reminds her of her own failures in that department, and the Pastor agrees. Evidently using a sock puppet and making snake noises does very little to appeal to pre-teens. Missy considers converting to atheism, and she talks to Sheldon, who is more than happy to listen, encouraging her to question the Bible.

Meemaw goes shopping at Davidson's when she encounters Brenda there. The way that Brenda talks about her time with George there makes Connie suspicious.

Mary is driving Sheldon and Missy home about the proposal to bring a new pastor. The twins are curious about the new person.

Meemaw has George come over and fix a broken smoke detector. She slyly tries to ask about the meeting with Brenda. He says its not personal. He goes home and calls Brenda quering what she has been telling Meemaw; she responds saying nothing at all.

Another day, Pastor Jeff gives Mary a list of names he had considered. One of the questions asked was “which one of your favorite apostles and why?”; this question is considered by Mary too easy while Jeff thinks this is a good question to see how candidates squirm.

Peg immediately brings in Pastor Andy who is interested in the job. During the interview they ask him the question about his favorite apostle. He squirms and immediately says any apostle is good as long as it is not Judas. Pastor Charlie comes in and is interviewed. Jeff asks where this potential youth pastor is from, and he reveals that he's from Rhode Island. Mary questions if he is even a Southern Baptist, but Charlie responds he would be more of a Northern Baptist. Peg says she will show him out. Pastor Steve was interviewed, and the trio took notice that he is very old. Mary asks if he can relate to children as youth minister. He says "bad", which he claims the youth says to mean "good," attempting to reference the 1987 Michael Jackson song and album. The three of them are uncomfortable with him. Pastor Rob was interviewed and asked the apostle question; He proposes it would be Judas. It would appeal to their bad side and force them to pay attention. It would be an unpredictable and unconventional manner to connect with the children and ensure they can learn about God. The trio are slightly uncomfortable but are convinced.

When Rob is at his car, Mary come out and apologizes about coming off strong later. Rob is fine and did not take offense. Mary tells him that she is well connected to the parents so he can ask anything. He does not try to get close to the parents so the kids would know he is on their sides. He thought they could just try a good cop bad cop situation and looks forward to working with her.

At home, Missy is watching a videotape of The Ten Commandments during the scene of the unparting of the Red Sea, when Georgie walks in. She tells him about how she's having a problem with the concept of God being good with so much evil in the world. He prefers to watch an episode of "Yo! MTV Raps!" during this discussion, and she doesn't object. Missy continues her discussion on the existence of God, and the nature of God, while the two of them watch the music video for "Bust-a-Move," by Young M.C. Georgie uses the existence of a specific female dancer in the music video as evidence of the existence of God.

Missy walks into the room and wants to talk to Sheldon about atheism. Sheldon does not care at all about his atheism and it doesn't bother him when he tells people about it.

Meemaw goes to the bar named Nate's Roadhouse. She tries to ask the bartender, Nick, to divulge information about George. He does not want to do so. After she leaves, he calls George and tells him about her. George goes to confront Meemaw and asks why she was asking information about it. Meemaw is suspicious because they went to a place together and both are being suspicious about it; George insists nothing happened. She apologizes to George so he leaves the house. She is not convinced at the "we're good" comment.

At night, Mary comes to their rooms and Missy says she will not go to church anymore. Sheldon is excited the new pastor arrives and could start questions on things. In addition, he and she can attack his believe system like the Wonder Twins of Atheism. Mary just wants two things, including attacking his beliefs.

On Sunday, Pastor Rob enters the Sunday school and starts the lecture. He holds up the Bible. Sheldon, Missy, and Billy answer. He drops it to the floor, getting students attention. Continuing on, he talks to Sheldon and Missy and having done his homework, he tells them that it is fine to question about the existence about God. God exists and loves them, and they do not have to love him back. On the way back home, the twins tell Mary about Pastor Rob, to her chagrin.

George and Brenda meet again in Brenda's chicken coop. They realize people will think a relationship is occurring between the pair and decide to avoid being seen out in public together. George decides to avoid the bar ever again while Brenda, freshly divorce, will go out to find someone. They talk for so long, that Billy comes home and wants to feed the chicken. George hides behind the door, and Billy leaves. George awkwardly sighs a bit of a relief.








  • The movie George was alluding to when telling Brenda the pizza delivery boy "did pretty well for himself" was the 1989 film Loverboy starring Patrick Dempsey.
  • The song that plays at 10:18 is sang by Raj and Leonard in S9 E16 of TBBT.