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Sheldon asking women out.

In "The Perspiration Implementation" the guys have gone to a sports bar after their first fencing lesson since are now athletes and Sheldon is having female problems since Amy broke up with him. Howard urges him to forget about Amy and move on by starting to date. Sheldon thinks that that is ridiculous since both Penny and Bernadette are married and Raj's girlfriend with her red hair and white complexion reminds him too much of a circus clown which is one of his phobias. Leonard asks him if he might try a woman who is not in a serious relationship with one of his friends. Sheldon notices a blond woman walk by and decides to ask her out. He is completely drunk after having three sips of beer; a lot even for Sheldon. He follows and walks up to their table where the blonde and two other women are sitting. Sheldon tells the attractive blonde (Natalie) that he is recovering from a recent breakup and has been told that asking out another would make him feel better. As Ash Ketchum said to Pikachu, "I choose you," he tells her. He adds that it's a Pokémon reference. The blonde doesn't understand Sheldon, so he immediately accepts the rejection and asks the next woman (Grace). She is older and Natalie's grandmother and married. Sheldon also says that he wonders what it might have been between them. The third woman looks like Emily with long red hair and a pale complexion. Since she reminds Sheldon of a clown, so he leaves telling her to give her regards to Barnum and Bailey. She gives her friends a most disturbed expression.


The Emily look-alike.