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Seven Deadly Sins and a Small Carl Sagan is the sixth episode of the second season of the American comedy Young Sheldon. This episode aired on October 25, 2018.


At church, Pastor Jeff, and Mary, are sitting in his office; They view an interview of Jeff describing his Hell House that was intended to show the wages of sin so that people can come back to the light of God. Jeff invites Mary this year to make a Hell House that is more family-friendly that the previous year's House.

At the dinner table, Mary seems excited. She tells George Sr about it.

Back at school, George sees Sheldon receive a huge from Veronica Duncan. She pays Sheldon to tutor her in Trigonometry, which she pays $26.

While in an theater class, the teacher Gene Lundy was talking about A Street Car Desire, and Mary comes after class to talk about church. They talk about a theater and a play where for individual places.

Mary and Meemaw pull up to a house on sale by a Fred Murphy and his restate firm; Mary had convinced Murphy to put up the house for free to use, but only if he gets to direct the play.

At the dinner table at home, Mary is looking at the script and is not happy that Murphy had taken over.

Sheldon, Tam, and another are playing a board game at a table. George comes in and tells them dinner is ready; Tam asked if George really was talking to Veronica.

At rehearsal for the play, Mr. Lundy and Mary are watching students in rehearsal, something that is a bit harsh for her. They roll out Heck House, with posters on the wall. Lundy tells Fred that he is lust, but Mary is a bit conscientious about kissing; she wants it as fake kissing. A woman comes in and she is the personification of the woman who kisses lust. Mary is shocked but was assured that it would go to plan.

Halloween night arrives and Heck House is opened to the public. Murphy as Lust greets the kids as they enter. He gives them a tour of the House as Mary wants them to tell them about the sins. He continues the house.

Sheldon, Missy, and Tam are out trick and treating. Billy had to go to the bathroom, who urinates behind a tree. The four arrive at a house, where the resident recognizes him as Carl Sagan, which he describes as vindication.

George is on a bench kissing Veronica; She says no one is in her house, an invite to which George says yes the two enter Mary's Heck House very quickly for a brief look. As they view the lust scene, she becomes very emotional that she runs over to Mary's heaven section where she asks to be saved by Jesus and devotes her life to Christianity. As a result, George becomes a devout atheist.

Meanwhile, Sheldon, Missy, Tam and Billy arrive to a woman's house, which she recognizes Sheldon's Carl Sagan outfit, making Sheldon excited.





  • Katherine Von Till as Anchor
  • Adam Kulbersh as Fred Murphy
  • Sara Sanderson as Leslie
  • Dale Raoul as Melissa
  • Jason Alexander as Mr. Lundy
  • Hilda Boulware as Judy
  • Kirk Bovill as Actor #1
  • Shane Blades as Actor #2
  • Joy Jacobson as Actress
  • Ava Cantrell as Drama Student #1
  • DeShawn Cavanaugh as Wrath Room Actor #1
  • Alex Long as Wrath Room Actor #2





Kids: Trick-or-treat!

Sheldon: I'm Carl Sagan.