Seven Deadly Sins and a Small Carl Sagan is the sixth episode of the second season of the American comedy Young Sheldon. This episode aired on October 25, 2018.


Pastor Jeff wants to put on a Halloween Hell House to warn children and teenagers of the consequences of sin and puts Mary in charge. She enlists the help of Mr. Lundy, who then takes over the whole production. He dresses as Satan and sets up a different room in a vacant house for each of the seven deadly sins. The last room is heaven, featuring Mary dressed as an angel, but the only person who wants to be saved from sin is Georgie's date, Veronica. Meanwhile, Sheldon dresses as Carl Sagan for trick-or-treating, but only one person recognizes his costume.





  • Katherine Von Till as Anchor
  • Adam Kulbersh as Fred Murphy
  • Sara Sanderson as Leslie
  • Dale Raoul as Melissa
  • Jason Alexander as Mr. Lundy
  • Hilda Boulware as Judy
  • Kirk Bovill as Actor #1
  • Shane Blades as Actor #2
  • Joy Jacobson as Actress
  • Ava Cantrell as Drama Student #1
  • DeShawn Cavanaugh as Wrath Room Actor #1
  • Alex Long as Wrath Room Actor #2





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