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Selena is the ex-wife of Jeff Difford.


Selena was introduced in "Potato Salad, a Broomstick, and Dad's Whiskey" as Pastor Jeff's wife. It's unknown how she met Pastor Jeff, but she also doesn't speak a word of English, thus it's unknown how and why she moved to Medford and also what her occupation was.

Physical Appearance[]

Selena is a very attractive Hispanic woman with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. Even Georgie has mentioned her as Pastor Jeff's hot wife.


From all the mentions about her, Selena does not seem to be a very nice person. Pastor Jeff has mentioned that she's the sort of woman who can get a man do bad things and she's a gold digger since she also spends Pastor Jeff's cash. She's also implied to be a domestic abuser since Pastor Jeff stated that it would be less likely that she wouldn't come to him with a knife if they didn't have company. Selena doesn't seem to like Jeff and thinks he failed as a husband.

Season 1[]

In "Potato Salad, a Broomstick, and Dad's Whiskey", Selena appears when she and Pastor Jeff arrive at the Cooper family's table in the recreation room at the church. Georgie is stunned that Pastor Jeff is married to a really hot woman. Mary asks Selena how she's liking Medford (thus implying she only moved there recently) but she doesn't understand so Pastor Jeff translates to her and she says that she has never been so bored in her life, but Pastor Jeff deliberately lies and says she likes it. She then excuses herself to go smoke in the bathroom.

Their marriage is rather troubled because of Selena considering Jeff a failure. Jeff stole Selena's own credit card for money behind her back because the church is losing money, thus putting Jeff and Selena at the risk of bankruptcy. Jeff tries to keep his financial hardship a secret from Selena fearing that this will make her want to divorce him. Also, Jeff lied or exaggerated to Selena how rich he is.

In "A Math Emergency and Perky Palms", it turns out that Jeff's marriage with Selena has sunk so low that he tries to stay away from her as much as possible and stay outside his house even when he's sick with a flu.

In "A Broken Heart and a Crock Monster", Pastor Jeff's marriage to Selena hits a rough patch and so he needs some time away from her. When he goes home near the end of the episode, he finds a note from her saying that she has left him because she says that life is too short to be married to a loser.


  • If she left Medford to return to her home country, it is unknown how she would've done so, given her inability of speaking English.
  • Depsite not appearing physically in the episode "A Broken Heart and a Crock Monster", her name still appears in the credits.
  • Selena is a foil to Robin; While both are known to have been married to Pastor Jeff, Selena is Hispanic, not very nice, a gold digger and doesn't really like Pastor Jeff while Robin is American, a kind woman, doesn't steal money and loves and cares for Pastor Jeff deeply.
  • Missy describes their marriage as "It's like Barbie married a turtle".


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