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Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess is a game played by Leonard, Howard and Raj in "The Work Song Nanocluster".


Leonard trying to navigate through the lasers.


The game works just like a game of Chess, except before moving a piece the players must successfully navigate a series of randomly placed, invisible laser beams by spraying them to make them visible. While one person takes the role of 'secret agent' by going through the lasers the other sings a dramatic secret agent-style tune (Khachaturian's Sabre Dance). If a player hits a laser then an alarm is sounded and they lose their turn.


  • Laser Obstacle Strip Chess: Howard suggests finding some girls to join in playing this game, but Leonard says that 'any girl willing to play, you don't want to see naked...' so the idea is scrapped.
  • Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Lunch: At the end of "The Work Song Nanocluster", Sheldon joins them in playing Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Lunch, where the player must get through the course before they are allowed to eat their lunch. Leonard thought relatively lowly of it.