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Sam was a student at East Texas Tech in the 1990s.


Sam talking to Mary 2

She was in a class taught by John Sturgis when he decides to assign a group assignment. She gets assigned to Keith and Sheldon Cooper. Initially she is hesitatant, but encourages Keith to not look down upon Sheldon and to get it done, as he didn't like it either. As they talk to the professor, Sheldon tells them he has a mandatory sleep time, something that means they can't do anything until the next day as she prefers to get it done by that night. can get around by going their dorm the next day. Mary Cooper comes in and they talk a bit, and she invites them to come to their house.

Sam talking to Mary

Later on, she has a smoke break on the porch, when she talks to Mary. She tells Mary that she's frustrated with everything and there are only 3 other women in her Theoretical Physics class, with 1 having dropped out to get married. Meanwhile Sam also expresses her frustration with those in the Scientifical field not taking her seriously. Sam also doesn't think it helps when women like Mary run around waiting on them and enabling her son to think all women are note takers and mommies. Mary argues Sheldon doesn't look down on women, he looks down on everyone. Mary sternly tells Sam that she understands she wants to be appreciated for what she does, but Mary points out that she does too. (A Boyfriend's Ex-Wife and a Good Luck Head Rub)

Sam 2 (Young Sheldon)

Sam was at a coffee shop when she sees and greets Mary. She wonders why she's doing here and it's because Sheldon has his freshman orientation that day. Sam asks if Mary should have been with him but he does not want her near him at all. Sam offers to show her around, and get a school shirt because that is exactly what Sheldon would loathe.

They are at the merch store when she buys a shirt and encounter Sheldon again. Later, she gets greeted by Jason, at the university store. She is asked about her new friend and introduces her as Mary. Jason invites her to a party. Sheldon sees them, and she waves at him, to which he reposnds with “I know who you are”. At the party, she comes and is greeted by Jason and everyone. She is later seen sitting at a table talking to Jason and Clarissa, and tells them that Mary has twin children. (Freshman Orientation and the Inventor of the Zipper)

She lived with 2 other girls in a dormitory in Hudson Hall. One day, her room had a sock on the door knob, so she had to sit outside. She is met with Sheldon, who did not know the “real” reason it is there. Sheldon brings her to his room, and she tells him that his social skills are bad and no one likes him because he thinks he is a brat. After that, she leaves. Later on, she is assured by Sheldon he has learned something and wants to do things to help others; he decides to let others use the room. When she walks with Sheldon to the room where she sees Diane and Bobby just leaving the room; She was about to tell Shedon the reason it was not an allnighter study session but she decided against it. (An Expensive Glitch and a Goof-Off Room)

Sam had worried about graduate school programs for multiple universities and applied for physics program at Columbia University. She got in and was a bit happy. Sheldon talked to her and was surprised at it, despite the timeline being a year later. (A New Weather Girl and a Stay-at-Home Coddler)


  • She is similar to Penny in The Big Bang Theory. Penny may not have Sam's intelligence, but has her personality and street smarts.