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"Ruthless, Toothless and a Week of Bed Rest" is the eleventh episode in season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on February 2, 2023.


Sheldon learns the university is building a database without him. Also, Mary takes care of a bedridden Mandy and Meemaw.[1]


Sheldon explains to Sturgis about the database projects. They discuss with the financier Grant O’Brien about the process. He call in and gives ideas about names. Sturgis asks about his whereabouts, but Grant is unable to disclose his location as his lawyer advised him not to say so.

Mandy and Meemaw see a doctor about the pregnancy. He mentions that her blood pressure is a bit high so she should get a week of bed rest. Georgie comes in and talks a bit. The doctor overhears it and admits he knows about the gambling den, having lost money there. At the university, Sheldon goes to Dr Linkletter's office, where Toby is working, who refuses to say anything. Sheldon realizes he is programming the database for Dr Linkletter, who comes in and reveals Toby is coding a database for him to use, and the name is Granted.

Sheldon walks to complain to President Hagemeyer, who basically conceitedly is ahead of everyone, including Sheldon.

Meanwhile, at the gambling den, Georgie is busy at the gambling den h elping out people who win items. He then walks into the Video Store and helps and rings up his rental.

At home, Meemaw walks into Mandy's room and gives her food, who is stuck in bed. Meemaw tries to get the remote control of the TV under the bed, but strains her back so she has to stay down there. Mandy is stuck with bedrest for a week, as prescribed by doctor. Mary comes in and wonder why Mandy and Meemaw are laughing with each other.

At the video store, George and Missy want to help them work and contribute, but Georgie tells them about splitting up duties. Missy wants to work the gambling den while George is ok with working at the laundromat. George is willing to help an old lady, but is called a panty sniffer; this woman tells another person about it and asks if it was George, and is confirmed. Missy talks to a guy, who thought she was older. George comes in and tells him to get out. The pair have an awkward drive home, where she thought George and Brenda Sparks are having an affair and asks about chicken. Billy had told her so she asks. George reveals that she and Brenda talk a decent amount in the chicken coop.

At the university, Sheldon and Dr Sturgis call Grant O’Brian and talk about the database. He is not too concerned about any competition. He apparently is not able to be in the country, while hiding out in another country about taxes, while mentioning the ability to go dirty. Sheldon and Dr Sturgis offers Toby extra money to so he j oins them in their office to work, to the consternation of Dr Linkletter.

At the school, Sturgis offers the programmer Toby extra money and he joins them in their office. Linkletter sees them. The 3 go to the President's office.

Mary brings food to Mandy. Mandy was reading a book about birth, and tells Mary that the child is a girl. Meemaw listens on and Mary talk to eacher. Mandy later calls her mom to talk; Mandy does not want to apologize nor is wanting money.

Sheldon is told about roommates, as someone delivers bunks. Grant O’Brien finds a used mainframe and has it delivered to the school while Sheldon is in Sturgis’ office; this was an act to foil the roommate situation. President Hagemeyer walks in, saying it is not allowed. Sturgis tells Sheldon to plug it in. He plugs the computer mainframe into an electrical outlet; the computer boots up, and overloads the electrical circuit and causes the building lights to go out.