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Professor Roger Abbott was an older physicist at the university. It was mentioned in "The Champagne Reflection" that he died. Leonard, Howard and Raj cleaned out Professor Abbott's office and found several notebooks with columns of random numbers in them. No other significant research was found. They went to see Professor Sharp who shared the office with him to ask about the notebooks and hoped that they were in code about some research project. The books turned out to be his diet diary and that Professor Abbott had a theory about limiting his caloric intake would allow him to live forever. The guys were disappointed. Professor Sharp shared the office with him for thirty years. He added that Abbott's research led to no major breakthroughs and that he had to listen to Professor Abbott's stomach growl, which he tells the guys that he hated a lot.

The guys had found an unopened bottle of champagne given to Professor Abbott by his mother to be opened upon a great discovery decades before. The guys decide to open it when they make a major discovery and drink to Professor Abbott, as well as to taunt their victory in Sheldon's face (which would be the best feeling ever). Leonard takes it home and Sheldon opens the bottle just to hear the cork pop.

Howard and Raj think that it is funny that the guy's name sounds like the cartoon character "Roger Rabbit", something that Howard himself brought up when Raj said his name.


Cleaning Professor Abbott's former office

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