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Robin Difford (née Tilbrook) is a local policewoman of Medford, East Texas, and eventual wife of Jeff Difford.[1]

The Show[]

In "A Broken Heart and a Crock Monster", Officer Robin pulls over Jeff Difford's car with Mary Cooper after he drove past a red light. When the two conversed, it is revealed that she is new around the area and has been looking for a church, when Mary exclaimed that Jeff is the Pastor of the 1st Baptist Church of Medford and that she's in luck. Later, when she attends a Church Ceremony in the Church, Mary Cooper tells her that she "needs to move fast because he's not going to be on the market for long", suggesting that she should go ask Jeff out, in which she nods in agreement, saying, "Roger that," showing her love interest in Jeff.

In the episode "A Broom Closet and Satan's Monopoly Board", Jeff Difford and Robin seems to be hitting it off, but Jeff reveals to Mary that whenever he sees Robin, he has "bad thoughts" and has Mary be responsible for him to keep pure as he could lose his job as a Pastor if he pursues a sexual relationship with an Church Member. Later in the episode, when Robin is visiting Jeff's home, he hides in the bathroom and tries to call Mary for advice. But with her being busy and Missy Cooper picking up the phone, he has no choice but to get back out there. They are later seen sitting on the couch, and after Jeff compliments her about her hair, which smells like soap, they nearly kiss until Missy rings the phone. She confesses that she lied to Jeff and that she was playing the Ouiji Board, claiming that she was going to hell and that God sees everything. But Jeff responds that God has just seen Missy be a good Christian and promises her soul is safe. After the phone call, Jeff says that he can't engage in a physical relationship unless they're married, which Robin respects. She then questions, "So, when are we getting married?" to Jeff's surprise.

She and Jeff want to get married, so they task Mary Cooper to plan the wedding, which is to be held next Sunday. Mary asks Robin if she is pregnant, but she responds that she is not. At the wedding—now on Saturday—they get married and immediately leave the chapel, speculated to engage in intercourse. (A Live Chicken, a Fried Chicken and Holy Matrimony)

She is later revealed to be pregnant. (A House for Sale and Serious Woman Stuff) She later gives birth to a baby boy, which is revealed at church. (The Wild and Woolly World of Nonlinear Dynamics

Jeff mentions Robin is a cop when Meemaw passes by at night. (Legalese and a Whole Hoo-Ha)

Robin finds $1,230 in their backyard, which is Meemaw's lost money. She uses it to purchase a television, but Jeff ends up returning it to the Cooper's home as a gift when he felt guilty. (A Wiener Schnitzel and Underwear in a Tree)



  • She and her husband's respective actors Matt Hobby and Mary Grill are married to each other in real life.
  • Robin's maiden name is Tilbrook, which can be seen on her name tag in her first appearance in “A Broken Heart and a Crock Monster”.
  • Robin is a foil to Selena; While both are known to have been married to Pastor Jeff, Selena is Hispanic, not very nice, a gold digger and doesn't really like Pastor Jeff; while Robin is American, a kind woman, doesn't steal money, and loves and cares for Pastor Jeff deeply.
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