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Rebecca is Bert's girlfriend who appears in "The Separation Agitation"


Rebecca is introduced when she and Bert arrive at Apartment 4A.

She is a stunning blonde who is a failed actress who has become a personal trainer. She's much younger than Bert. Penny asks if Rebecca has dated a scientist before because she was thinking of starting a support group. Rebecca says she dated a Scientologist. Sheldon quips Bert is copying Lenny. We find out they met online. Raj remarks he had not much success online. Bert says he only got success when he mentioned his $250,000 grant. Sheldon gets sent out by Amy when he speaks inappropriately. Rebecca questions if she'd done something wrong and Leonard says it's just normal Sheldon. Rebecca goes to the toilet. Sheldon makes another comment and gets sent out again, but Amy calls him back when Rebecca makes her suspicious again. After Bert leaves, Sheldon compares them to Lenny - Bert's money and his groveling to get the girl and Leonard says it's completely different - Bert's money will run out but he can beg till he dies. Penny quips, "all that and he's shorter than me."

Back at the cafeteria the next day, Sheldon tells a joke about Richard Feynman, Einstein, and Schrödinger. Raj and Leonard react slowly, but eventually laugh. Bert joins them. He is worried about what everyone said about being used. He says something about the relationship that Sheldon thinks is funny and tells Leonard it's his turn to tell a joke.

Bert turns up at the apartment to tell them he broke it off. Raj starts saying he did the right thing, comparing him to his story which gets depressing and says maybe someone else should speak. Amy is glad, but Bert is upset she convinced him. Sheldon has a go at her and Amy makes a rule that Sheldon should raise his hand for permission to speak. Penny tells Bert he should be looking for someone who likes him for who he is, not what he has. Sheldon raises his hand and Penny makes the mistake of letting him speak because he delivers one of his trademark Lenny insults. Penny looks to Leonard for support, but Leonard simply looks up at her and points out that Penny gave him permission to speak. Bert then leaves saying he might buy Rebecca a jet ski to get her back. The episode ends with a "Fun with Flags" retrospective retrospective and a call comes through and it's Bert saying the jet ski worked.