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Reagan To is an American actress. She portrayed Mei-Tung in Young Sheldon.


She was born in Los Angeles, California. She has engaged in acting and dancing, favouring Latin dancing. When she was five years old, she suffered a lung infection and was forced to go to the hospital for intensive treatment. In her room, the television was the only thing that kept her company. She realized she wanted to be an actress so she told her parents about it. She had multiple auditions for roles, and has appeared in After meeting Gina Rodriguez on the set for Jane the Virgin, she developed a role model of Jojo Siwa, and Dove Cameron. She also appeared in the Disney film Elemental as Big Girl Ember. She later appeared in Young Sheldon. ‘’Jane the Virgin tv show for one episode, and appeared in Jimmy Kimmel Live. Her first major notable role was on Squid Game when she had the role of Ga-Yeong and the doll in the game Red Light Green Light. She had no idea that she was in the series until her parents watched Squid Game. [2]

After Squid game, she appeared in the Netflix television series The King's Affection.


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