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Claire & Raj.

Claire is a screenwriter and bartender who meets Raj and Howard at the Comic book store and tells them she is writing for a children's science fiction movie script and wants to collaborate with Raj. She is only interested in his help while Raj has visions of marriage and children. Raj calls her and she does admit there was a spark between them. After Raj breaks up with Emily Sweeney, he wants to see her on Valentine's Day; however, she just got back together with her boyfriend. Claire also thinks that he's an ass for breaking up with Emily just before the lover's holiday. Later Claire calls him back that she broke up again with her boyfriend. Raj is between these two women, but ends up in Emily's bed when they were just going to talk. Later Raj claims to be dating two women continually bragging. Claire is seen going to a wine tasting with him and some of the gang. Whether she becomes a regular girlfriend is developing. Later, Raj tells Howard at he is broken up with both woman and their requests. In "The Emotion Detection Automation", Claire returns for Raj's ex-girlfriend group and says that she broke up with him because she found him extremely needy and vain.