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Raj Mahal

Raj Mahal, Apartment 3D

Raj's Apartment, 3D, or the Raj Mahal,[1] is where Raj previously lived. It is a small apartment, with one bedroom, in a 67-year-old building (built 1951) that used to be a watch factory (in "The Bad Fish Paradigm", Sheldon worries about the residual radium from the manufacture of radioactive luminous dials).

In "The Nerdvana Annihilation", Raj said, "The guy who lives next to me is always like, 'I have a Jacuzzi on my balcony, I have a Jacuzzi on my balcony.' But wait until I tell him I've got a time machine on my balcony." In "The Griffin Equivalency", a barbecue can be seen through the door next to the entrance, which might be on the referenced balcony.

Priya stayed here when she was visiting and dating Leonard. Leonard even moved in switching places with Raj when it looked this he and Priya were going to move in together. She announced she was going back to India by the end of the season.

In "The Monster Isolation", Raj refused to leave his apartment after Lucy left him on their first get-together and he decided to give up on everything,

Penny has been there twice: once at the end of their "date" and once after she drops Leonard off at the airport to check on Raj.

For most of season 6, Stuart lived here with Raj. Then he moved out and into to Howard's mother's house.

In season 10, he moved out his apartment in "The Escape Hatch Identification". Since he cut himself off his from parent's financial support in "The Allowance Evaporation", he can no longer afford to live there anymore and his salary from Caltech is not helping him with it due to his other expenses.

At no point is the Bedroom ever seen.


Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali's apartment is featured in:

[S02E01] The Bad Fish Paradigm - Sheldon stays with Raj.

[S02E04] The Griffin Equivalency - Raj returns with Penny.

[S03E06] The Cornhusker Vortex - Howard tries to make up.

[S03E07] The Guitarist Amplification - Raj argues with his parents.

Season 4 - Appears frequently during this season when Rajesh's sister is in town and starts dating Leonard.

[S06E17] The Monster Isolation - Raj becomes depressed when Lucy abandoned him and he spends his time in his apartment.

[S06E21] The Closure Alternative - Raj has a date with Lucy.

[S06E24] The Bon Voyage Reaction - Lucy and Raj have dinner with Amy. Penny later comes over to comfort him and he realizes that the breakup somehow broke him free of his selective mutism towards women.

Items Seen in Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali's Apartment[]

  • Furniture/Decor
    • [S02E01] Modern Mid Back Swivel Chair EA 108 by Aluminium Group, in the living room by the window desk
    • [S02E01] wooden coffee table frame with oval glass, Eames
      Raj's apartment - chair

      Aluminium Group EA 108 Chair

    • [S02E01] Buttercup Swivel Chair by Blu Dot, in the living room
    • [S02E01] 2-tier end table to left of couch
    • [S02E01] coffee table with lamp to right of couch
    • [S02E01] round wood dining table
    • [S02E01] metallic rounded dining table chairs
    • [S02E01] 3-shelf metallic rolling cart at right of kitchen
    • [S02E01] sofa from Silica Three Furniture
      Chair in raj's apartment

      Buttercup swivel chair

    • [S02E01] large area rug: Crate and Barrel
    • [S02E01] small area rugs: Urban Outfitters
    • [S02E01] UFO Lamp: one of a kind piece from a Los Angeles prop house
    • [S02E01] oversized clothespin on the desk
    • [S02E01] wooden incense holder on right end table
    • [S04E14] orange owl jar by Anthropoligie
    • Indian tapestry on bedroom door
    • Camel throw pillow on the couch
    • Wise Ol' owl orange storage jar. Next to the sink. From Anthropologie (no longer available - check eBay)
    • artwork: Pinacoteca, Jupiter images, Art Pic
  • Electronics
    • [S02E01] ​Plasma screen television (with 2% dead pixels in the upper left-hand corner, according to Sheldon in "The Toast Derivation")
    • [S02E01] Celestron NexStar 8 SE telescope
    • [S02E01] secondary telescope
    • Hewlett Packard model 132A dual beam oscilloscope and various other oscilloscopes
  • Toys/Figurines
    Multi-color kryptonite

    kryptonite display

    • [S02E01] silver robot with red head, on the desk, RC Vintage
    • [S02E01] red and black robot behind the couch, RC Vintage
    • [S02E01] Justice League of America Trophy Room: Multi-Colored Kryptonite Replica Display on Raj's kitchen table.
    • Star Wars Tie Fighter by Hasbro
  • Science Items​
    • James Webb Space Telescope scale model[2]
    • Green chalkboards
    • NASA magnets and images on refrigerator[2]
    • Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) poster[2]



  1. Raj Mahal (named after Raj and the Taj Mahal) was a one-time reference in "The Griffin Equivalency".
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