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Raegan Revord is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Missy Cooper in Young Sheldon.

Early life[]

Revord was born on January 3, 2008, in San Diego, California as an only child.[1]Revord's family moved to Los Angeles when she was three and a half years old.[2][3]Revord is "vegan-ish". In her free time, she's engaged in charity as ambassador for the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Her parents helped manage her social media accounts.

As a child, she had loved putting on show for friends. She had auditioned for many things and appeared in multiple commercials; she had her first audition, but does not remember it. She quickly caught the attention of a family friend who owned a talent agency; the friend made an offer they accepte,d and she got more roles.


She started acting at age six, and debuted on screen with the short film ‘’Tortoise’’ featuring David Arquette. Before appearing on television, Reagan appeared in various print commercials modeling by the age of four [4], and later appeared in television commercials. In 2014 she appeared Modern Family, [5] as "Megan"[6] in the sixth-season episode "Won't You Be Our Neighbor". In 2016, she reprised that character (as a non-speaking role) in the Modern Family (season 7) episode "The Storm".

She appeared on the Netflix series Grace and Frankie and as Bob Odenkirk's daughter on With Bob & David. She had a recurring role on TV Land's series Teachers (TV Land TV series).[7]

Raegan booked numerous commercials, including one with Joel McHale for Enterprise Rent-A-Car.[8][9]

For the audition for Young Sheldon, she went through multiple rounds of auditions, callbacks, and testing before she got it. They told her mom she didn't but then told her she did so her mother was happy.[10] She was cast in March 2017 as Missy Cooper, twin sister of Sheldon Cooper, on Young Sheldon.[11] Her character has been described as adding a "much-needed spunk to the plot but also serves as the perfect foil to her academically-gifted twin brother, Sheldon."[12] Revord picked up her Texan accent by watching Laurie Metcalf play an older version of her character's mother on The Big Bang Theory.[13]

She had posted numerous images and stories to her Instagram showing numerous events related her acting during the Seasons. In 2023, she had posted an Instagram post where she shared a story where she and her mother had suffered through a car accident where a person under the influence crashed into their car; leaving her with PTSD, and affecting her ability to portray Missy in one episode where she was in a truck.

In her spare time, she loves reading, and suggest books to read. Since 2020, she's worked on a book, which she revealed in 2024.


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