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Professor Laughlin, Ph.D., is an English astronomer and head of the stellar evolution research team at the California Institute of Technology. He interviews Raj for an open position in 'his little group', and is surprised that Raj has given up his work on trans-Neptunian objects, so offers him a sherry, stating it's not too early for a drink on Proxima Centauri. As an amused Raj says he would like to wait until it's sunset on Titan, Laughlin believes Koothrappali and his humor will fit right in with them.

Catherine Millstone-1-

Dr. Catherine Millstone


Raj has a drink so he can talk to his colleagues.

Unfortunately, after the professor introduces Dr. Catherine Millstone of his team, Raj is forced to drink the sherry to talk to her, and makes a sexually inappropriate comment. Laughlin is unable to hire him as a result; it is implied that she files a harassment complaint. ("The Pirate Solution")


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