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"Potential Energy and Hooch on a Park Bench" is the third episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on October 21, 2021.


Sheldon tries to convince Dr. Sturgis to return to the university. Also, Georgie upsets the family when he makes a life-changing decision.[1]

Extended Plot[]

Adult Sheldon muses over kinetic and potential energy. He remarks some people have so much potential energy but not use it to kinetic energy. Sheldin is talking to John Sturgis at Davidson's. He laments the fact that despite Sturgis possessing a PHD, he is wasting his energy at a clerk.

George and Wilkins suggest things to do while on a date. Wilkins suggest a night line, dancing, rink, and bowling. He thinks fo Brenda working there and refused to go there.

A call to Dale inquiring about hockey stinks made Dale tell him only Canada has it. Georgie comes and talks a bit about work as he wants. Then he uses the private bathroom. Sheldon talks to Dr. Linkletter and asks about talking to John Sturgis about come back and using his potential. Dr. Linkletter enters Davidson's and talks to Sturgis. He tries to convince Sturgis to return, but Sturgis no longer feels the incentive to return to academic life. They get sold alcohol and sit outside on a bench to talk.

Georgie speaks to Principal Peterman right in the morning. The principal had noticed he has been gone from school for a few days. He wants answers and wonders if it is alcohol and drugs. He also pulls out a pamphlet about pregnancy and asks if he got a girl in trouble. Georgie had picked up extra hours at work and he is happy about it. Principal Peterman asks if he will drop out of school; Georgie considers it a good idea.

At home, Missy is watching TV when Mary walks out into the living room putting on earrings and wearing a nice dress. Missy is weary of church but Mary says it is date night. Missy comments that they have enough kids; Mary says that date night is not that manner. George comes in frustrated and is followed by Mary to Georgie's room. Georgie wants to drop out of school, but his parents oppose it. He wants to pack and leave. Mary marches to Meemaw's house asks for Dale; Dale is there and she tells him that he is looked up by Georgie and should encourage him to finish school.

At dinner, Georgie refuses to be there as he is with Jana. The 4 other are not happy about it. Seldon tries to tell a joke but it does not land with the rest. George marches back To meemaw's place to talk do Dale. She says he should blame Georgie for his own decision rather than blaming it on Dale. While in the car with Jana, Georgie confirms he wants to drop out. Jana refuses to let him be at her place because he dad disapproves of him and thinks she deserves better. Jana wanted to be seniors together and wanted to go to homecoming and get voted king and queen. Jana tells Georgie that she is breaking up with him and to send her home.

Sheldon is doing work while Missy is helping her mother wash dishes. They talk about the relationships; Sheldon understands the reasons for Georgie to drop out but tells Missy to not do so as woman historically have been undervalued in the workplace. Missy is right. Mary tells them to marry for love; Missy says she wants tomarry someone rich but is told to marry for love. Sheldon points out they married forlove nad ther are lots of problems; Missy says its because Mary got pregnant. Missy leaves to watch the Fresh Prince of Bell Air.

Meanwhile, at Meemaw's house, Georgie returns home and is surprised his dad is there. He enters, and sits on the sofa. Meemaw says he can stay one day. Georgie wanted some food, and says he has more hours so he can get his own place. Dale could not give him full itme job, as it means interfering in his family, and his parents are not happy. The bell rings and it is John Sturgis. Sturgis tries to find some common ground; Georgie got dumped by Jana and got kicked out of his house while sturgis drank on a park bench and sang lollipop. Georgie asks what happened to him. Turns out, Linkletter slept there and is woken up by a police officer saying he cannot sleep on the bench. He tries to ask if the officer saw a short bald guy but receives a reply of “what?”

At home, George had returned home, and talks to Mary. Is not happy Meemaw enables Georgie to drop out of school. Sheldon comes out and asks them to stop fighting; Mary lies to sheldon that the fight is two people are loudly agreeing with each other.





  • Anthony M. Bertram as Officer




  • This is Jana's last appearance of the show,


Adult Sheldon (VO): In physics, potential energy is a fascinating topic. Objects like springs store energy when they're coiled, waiting to unleash their full potential and soar to the heavens. Would you look at me go! Even in toy form, I'm shooting for the stars. While the potential energy of an object can be measured in absolutes, human potential remains more elusive. Sometimes, people seem to have all the potential in the world, but for some reason stay stuck to the ground.