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"Pish Posh and a Secret Back Room" is the fourth episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on October 28, 2021.


Sheldon, Missy and Georgie adapt to new living arrangements. Also, Meemaw opens a gambling room[1]

Extended Plot[]

Adult Sheldon remarks his liking for Laudromats for the machines. Meemaw likes laundromats for the hidden casinos in the back of one. She wants to use her earnings applied to her own tab. The owner Chet tells her to cash out because he is selling the place and wants to retire to relax in his senior years. Meemaw goes home and tells Dale she wants to buy the laudromat. At dinner, Sheldon tells Missy and Mary that the knife is on the right because it is the first utensil invented and most people are right handed. Missy quibs that she is not thanked for setting the table. Georgie comes in and asks for food. Mary tells him to sit. George thinks he should be living his own to eat, or pay rent. Sheldon wants to bring a legal pad. Sheldon talks people to agree to utilities, and planning for paying for ussag of items. Missy suggests Georgie moves to the garage so he “moves out” of the house but Mary is still happy he stays close. Meemaw tells Dale tat she likes to gamble at the laudromat. She says the place is a hidden place and normally a secret and it is completely illegal, but the police do not care, usually. Meemaw wants to be the house, as she usually loses money to the house.

Dale meets his friend Jake, who is a police officer. He asks of Jake's opinion on backroom slot rooms; Jake confimrs they are harmless so they don't enforce it. Dale confirms that Connie wants one and wonders if it breaks the law. At night, Missy tells sheldon that she is a young lady and needs her own room. Sheldon thinks it would be nice to have his own trains in his room. His incenssant talking prompts Missy to angrigly tell him to stop talking. The next day, George is watching a game when Georgie goes through the living room. He hauls his mattress to the garage; George asks if he could do it during half time, but Georgei does not want to do so. Missy is picking items to move to new room. Sheldon wants to talk about which items to keep and move, as its communal property. Sheldon is talking and taking inventory. Missy wants to finish and accues him of holding up things as he did not like change. Missy just says it is hers and goes away. Sheldon remarks it is something she says to her first ex-husband and he thinks he prepared it for her. He moved his train set to the room. George comes into the room and is shocked he did so, and moves to tell Mary about it. Meemaw puts down the phone. She has a certified check so he can pick it up at her house and give theg keys. Dale is concerned as it is potentially sketchy and could get robbed. Meemaw is not too concerned. At the laundromat, she is excited about it. She thought of having a bar and red carpet like a speakeasy. Dale thought of getting a liquor license. She wants some special chairs for the people to sit in. While George gets his place ready, he shows it around to Mary, who thinks the sink should not be a bathroom. Mary suggests she will knit something to feel homey; George says girls will eat it up, to Mary's disgust. Missy is getting things done to set up her room and guilt trips her dad in helping her. Mary tells Mary to check up on Sheldon. He is building his trains up. Mary comes in and tells him dinner has sphagetti with hot dogs cut up in exact sizes. She knows things are changing and could be a lot to her. Sheldon is concerned he did not have a crossing sign to his train set; he runs to the garage to find it to his frustration.

Adult Sheldon remarks the problem with running a casino den attached to the laundromat is that it is attached to the laundromat. She talked to two customers who had issues; one had lost her and antoher had used her clothing in the dryer when label said not to. She then asks Meemaw the size of hers. After hours, Meemaw changes the closed sign and goes back to th ecasino site to find Jake the police officer and several other Medford police officers closing the place. He walks up asking if she is meemaw, a question she says “this sucks”.

Jake tells her that the police department typically ignores this type of illegal things simply because it does no harm. However, he is running for Sheriff, he wants to use this catch as a publicity stunt to further gain favour with the public. He also tells Meemaw that since he was buddies with Dale, he would not arrest her. On the drive home, Meemaw is not happy. Dale asked a question or two, but clearly Meemaw is so upset about the loss.

While Sheldon and Missy sleeps, Sheldon reveals he is better alone because Missy Snored. Sheldon gets up, knocks on her door, and sleeps on the floor. Later, on, they have a system where they use walky talkies to talk to each other, after sheldon uses a metal object ot knock on the wall. Adult sheldon adds info about “Sleep Tight” origin.





  • Bill Fagerbakke as Jake
  • Frank Collison as Chet
  • Valeri Ross as Harriet
  • Audrey Wasilewski as Joann
  • Tony Winters as Conductor


  • The 6th time Young Sheldon Cooper absent in cold open.
  • No roommate agreement when Missy and Sheldon shared a room.
  • Missy is looking forward to have her own room and away from Sheldon.
  • Sheldon always had a fear of being alone and why he never let Leonard move out or try to. Sheldon was similar to his mother, both of them hated change and always controlled the situation.
  • Adult Sheldon confirms that Missy eventually divorced her first husband.

Vanity Card[]



  • Bill Fagerbakke previously co-starred with Craig T. Nelson on Coach (1989).
  • The background song used in the scene where Missy, Sheldon and Georgie are doing their room arrangements, and Meemaw arraging the laundromat, is exactly the same one used in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode “Squidville”
    • Ironically, Bill Fagerbakke who voiced Patrick Star guest stars in this episode.