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The stag convergence penny, bernadette, and amy

The posse during The Stag Convergence

Penny's Posse is the subgroup of a few of the best friends of the Social Group made up of the female members, Penny, Bernadette and Amy. They are the female halves of the relationships that have developed for the male members, Leonard, Sheldon and Howard. The original show dynamics were how the new girl Penny affects the lives of the male members and specifically Leonard's interest and pursuit of Penny.

Group Activities[]

The Workplace Proximity 14

Gathered at Penny's place.

During season 4, Howard established Bernadette as his permanent girlfriend and Amy became Sheldon's friend who was a girl, but not his girlfriend the Posse began. Bernadette was friends with Penny from working at The Cheesecake Factory together and Amy pushed herself toward Penny claiming her as her best and only friend. Their first night of hanging out together was in "The 21-Second Excitation" while the guys were waiting in line for a re-release of "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Amy was awkward with her interactions with the other two and creeped them out a bit, but gradually they accepted each other and became friends. Penny introduced Amy to new experiences like shopping together, alcohol, trash talking and the emotional aspects of male-female and female-female relationships. The latter experience changed her relationship with Sheldon from her acting just like him to adding experiencing sexual arousal, hand holding, becoming a girlfriend, kissing, Amy and Sheldon telling them that they loved each othe and finally being married. Another strong influence in the Posse was Bernadette choosing Amy for the maid of honor at her wedding after she was hurt when they didn't go dress shopping together. Amy is not against suggesting things that she reads off the internet that women friends do or comforting Penny in a crisis and using her as a subject in her experiments. She also has a limited attraction to Penny and thinks that Bernadette is the least cool of the Posse; however, by seasons 7 and 8 she has became closer with Bernadette since they are fellow scientists. Using the Posse, some episodes have the story lines split down the middle between males and females as they guys follow some geeky pursuit as they have all their lives and the girls hang out in Penny's apartment or have a girls' nights out. The story lines have become much more complicated with parallel plots after the additional of new cast members. They also play hooky and go to Disneyland together and get makeovers as Disney princesses. Most of the time they are hanging out in Penny's apartment, but they have gone to bars, restaurants, a tea parlor, strip clubs and a trip to Las Vegas together. The girls had a habit of helping both Sheldon with problems with life and Raj and his love-life after he lost his selective mutism.

The group was going to Vegas together in season 8 where they partied and got drunk. They also dig up embarrassing moments from their pasts on each other (Amy came up with the idea to watch Penny's movie: Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill, Penny discovered a video of Bernadette's beauty pageant days and Bernadette blurted out Amy's secret about writing "Little House on the Prairie" fan-fiction about herself and Sheldon).

Near Amy's birthday in season 9, the other girls spilled Sheldon's gift to Amy that he planned to sleep with her. Amy ran out to get waxed.


Girls' night out

In season 10, they took new mother Bernadette out for dancing and go no where wondering if they were trying to recapture their youth. Finally Amy and Penny got depressed because Bernadette had move on further with the marriage than they have (House & Baby).

Amy sleeping with Penny and Bernadette

Picture of Penny and Bernadette with Amy drunk

In season 11, the posse hosted a bridal shower for Sheldon and Amy.


The posse in the series finale.

In the last episode, the Posse was together for the last time learning about Penny being pregnant. Amy was shocked Penny didn't tell her since she was her best friend. Bernadette said the same thing which Amy wanted to discuss with Bernie later about being Penny's best friend.


  • The only episode in the entire show that all three members of the group (Penny, Bernadette and Amy) are not get featured in for any appearances was the Season 4 episode of  "The Irish Pub Formulation" (S4E6).
  • None of the three members of the group appeared in all episodes of the show.
  • Bernadette and Amy are the only members of the group that did not get dressed up as a comic superhero as of them not featuring in the episode of "The Justice League Recombination" (S4E11) to which were not required for the story-lines in that episode.
  • In terms of the posse, two out of three members possess traits/habits that one of them doesn't:
    • Penny is the only member who is not an intellect, doesn't have a PhD, doesn't have a career in science, isn't from California and isn't bespectacled (not including the one instance she wore glasses at the end of "The Egg Salad Equivalency"). She is also the only one to debut in season 1 rather than 3 thus making her posse leader.
    • Amy is the only member who has not come across as a bully, isn't a blond, works at Caltech with the guys, has won a Nobel Prize, hasn't previously worked at the Cheesecake Factory or currently works at ZanGen, and didn't take her husband's last name
    • Bernadette is the only member who didn't have a shorter haircut, isn't married to someone with a PhD, lives in a house and presumably doesn't have a birthday in December (Penny was born on December 2 and Amy was born on December 17). 
  • Penny is the only member of the group to have a bra shot in a few episodes of the entire show whilst Bernadette and Amy never had any bra shots in any episodes of the entire show. She is the only member to have a belly button seen on-camera with her bra shots in one of the dream sequences of "The Cooper Extraction" (S7E11) whilst they never had any bra shots and belly buttons seen on-camera.
  • Bernadette is the only member in the group who hasn't been seen with Sheldon's mother for long until "The Conjugal Conjecture" (S10E01), but didn't talk.
  • Each member has a bachelorette party that mostly featured just the three of them.
  • Bernadette and Amy are the only members in the group who hasn't been seen with Leonard's mother for long until "The Celebration Experimentation" (S9E17), but didn't talk. However, in "The Line Substitution Solution" (S9E23), they were seen with her again and for the first time she had conversations with them.
  • Bernadette is the only gang member in the group who has never met Alex Jensen.
  • Bernadette is the only gang member who did not spend time with Mary Cooper.
  • All three members are revealed to be mothers. Bernadette gave birth to 2 kids during the series, it's been mentioned in Young Sheldon that Amy has children in the future and Penny was pregnant during the finale.


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