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Pat's Firehouse

Exterior with parking lot

Pat's Firehouse is a bar in Texas owned by Pat.


Pat's Firehouse - Counter

In front of the counter are a few bar stools. On the counter there seems to be a jar with hydrated food. Behind the counter there is a coffee maker, a slushy machine, bottles containing liquor, a fridge and sink cabinets. There is also an entrance that leads to a storage room.

Pat's Firehouse - Interior

In the lounge there are a few tables present surrounded by chairs. Additionally there is an aquarium with fish and on the wall hangs at least one painting.


The building is located near a few hills where also a few trees grow. It seems to be located either outlying or at the side of a town/city.


  • The establishment is probably based on the bar that was featured in the 1994 CBS series "Muddling Through" in which actress Stephanie Hodge played a similar character. In the case that it is the same bar there is a possibility there are two employees that are her daughters.