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"Passion's Harvest and a Sheldocracy" is the third episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on October 13, 2022.


Sheldon must choose sides in an ethical dilemma. Also, Mary tries her hand at writing and Mandy needs a new place to live.[1]


At a table, Mary is making tea and talking to Meemaw. Meemaw suggest a book called Passion's Harvest, which was marked by Meemaw.

In Dr. Sturgis's classroom, he is giving a lecture when Sheldon tries to give answers to several ethical questions, quick is very interesting to Sheldon.

Mary is enchanted by the book and reads it at work, at home in the bathroom while Missy demands to use it, and at a park. In the end, Mary concludes the book is bad and thinks she can write a better story.

Georgie visits Mandy at her place apartment 208; Georgie notices that Mandy is using candles instead using the lights. Mandy reveals she is behind on the electricity bill and it was cut off so she had to use candles; she had morning sickness and working hurts her tips. Georgie offers to help with anything, but she doesn't want to bother him too much, and he leaves for home.

Later on, Georgie is at home when Mandy visits and asks for his help. He apologizes for the mess. She does not have enough for rent and got evicted by the landlord so she needs a place to sleep. The landlord had put a lock on the room so she needs to get the money to pay the landlord so she can access her items. He volunteers to get the items. He opens a window and gets in; However, this was 207 and the tenant Henry pulls a shotgun on him. Georgie tells him about the relationship with Mandy so Henry sits on his sofa and puts down the gun. He liked Mandy and wishes them well. Georgie leaves via the window and said Henry remarks to himself saying that he is glad he did not kill him.

Meanwhile, Mary sets out to write out her story after deciding she can do better than Passion's Harvest. She writes herself in the book as the protagonist; she writes herself in an attractive dress and meets Dusty in a bar and gets hit on by him. They go outside and are about to kiss when George enters the kitchen, snapping her out of the story writing. She kisses George and invites him to the bedroom to “find out”.

Back home, Georgie had brought things home and talked about the relationship while doing laundry. Mandy is willing to sleep in the same bedroom but tells Georgie to keep his hands to himself. Mandy asked about the bathroom situation, and she enters the house to use the bathroom; she exits because she heard George and Mary having sex and goes back to use the sink.

In the morning and the kitchen, Mandy greets missy. Georgie wants to make some scrambled eggs, but Mandy's stomach is queasy, so Georgie just made some toast. Sheldon enters and says good morning and calls Mandy a “Niblingo”, which catches Mandy off guard. Sheldon wants to ask the question of whether a Robot should kill to save a lot more lives; an ethical dilemma.

At Dale's store, Dale wakes up George as he was in the cashier's room sleeping. Dale asks about things and possibly about any “changes”, and George confirms it is not menopause. Dale thought it was a fight but is ok with that life is different.

Georgie takes a lunch break off to go to his home to comfort Mandy. She is sad now and cries; a year ago she had a good life, but not lives in a garage. Georgie hugs her to make her feel better.

In a class at East Texas Tech, Sheldon gives a small speech about his ethical dilemma. He questions whether it is to be a democratic decision or by a committee or whatever; for the best decision, it would be the smartest decision and concludes it would be by Sheldon's choice, specifically a Sheldocracy. Dr. Sturgis says “class dismissed”.

The episode concludes with Mary dreaming of herself and Dusty on a river boat and they kiss. Missy knocks and wants to use the bathroom and Mary responds with a comment to use the sink in the garage.






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