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Pasha D. Lychnikoff (born February 12, 1967, in Moscow, USSR), also known as Pavel Lychnikoff, is a Russian-American actor whom has a role as Russian cosmonaut Dimitri Rezinov in The Big Bang Theory. Lychnikoff received a Master of Arts in acting from the Moscow State Lunacharsky Academy of Theatrical Arts. He performed in several stage productions in Moscow before opting to continue his acting career in the United States. He is perhaps best known for his recurring appearances as telegraph operator Blazanov on the HBO series Deadwood.


Lychnikoff's early film credits include small roles, e.g., in the 1997 thriller Air Force One (film). Lychnikoff worked with J.J. Abrams on the hit 2008 film Cloverfield. He was seen as a Russian soldier in Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In 2009, Lychnikoff appeared as a Romulan commander in JJ Abrams' Star Trek.

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