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"Pasadena" is the sixteenth episode of the third season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on February 20, 2020.


Sheldon visits CalTech for the very first time. Also, Georgie is furious when Mary listens in on a phone call with his girlfriend, and Meemaw tries to cheer up a jealous Missy.[1]

Extended Plot[]

Adult Sheldon mentions that in his childhood, the internet was nascent and was text based. He finds information on a lecture given by Stephen Hawking at CalTech in Pasedena, California. He bothers his dad while he is in the shower, but he is not willing to hear it.

He tries to ask if he can buy a ticket to airplane flight but is told to ask his parents. At home, he talks to his parents about his flight; George is not able to leave his job in the middle of the week and Mary is not able to leave as well, due to cost. He goes back to his room and is told by Missy that when he rebuffed, he should move on.

Mary asks Meemaw about who is Georgie seeing and is told her name is Jana Owens. While in the kitchen, Mary picks up the phone and hears a conversation between Georgie and Jana about meeting up and he won't tell Mary about it.

At Dr Sturgis's lecture, He asks Sheldon if something is wrong.

At night, Mary tells Georgie that he should not go. He wants to call her to see if her parents are home but Georgie tells them not to. She reveals she had heard their conversation and would involve his dad. George comes home and is told by Missy about the day. He walks in and is told the trip will be paid. At the airport, Sheldon and George get on the airplane; Sheldon sits in the aisle seat and George sits at the window seat after a flight attendant asks if everything is ok.

Meemaw is taking Missy to baseball when Missy asks for first cigarette or a piercing. Meemaw says Mary would not like it so “maybe”.

At home, Mary and George talk about, with George not happy. In the bedroom, Mary admits she went on a date with George, and ended up pregnant, resulting in an immediate marriage at the courthouse.

At CalTech, Sheldon is impressed with everything. Stopping at a room, he says to his dad that he may end up attending the university. He leaves, and the camera pans to the cafeteria where he would eat food with Howard, Leonard, and Raj in the future.



  • Title Reference: Sheldon sees his future.
  • Sheldon won't move to Pasadena or go to Caltech when he is fourteen years old when he graduated college.
  • Sheldon and his father sees The Cafeteria in Caltech, where Sheldon annoys his friends at.


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Young Sheldon used The Big Bang Theory set for The Cafeteria in Caltech which is still on display at the Warner Brothers Studio.




Adult Sheldon: In the early days of the Internet, you couldn't stream movies or summon Thai food to your doorstep. But... if you were interested in text-based news about upcoming physics lectures, it was a great time to be alive.